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Tony Kummer driving a school bus

My name is Tony Kummer – This website has been my labor of love since 2007.

We’re not a big publisher and have zero full-time employees.

I’m only part-time at my church and drive a school bus to support my family (it’s more fun than you’d think!)

I understand tight budgets and paying out of pocket for supplies. That’s why Ministry-To-Children will always be a 100% free resource.

If you have been blessed by this website, consider making a donation to help us keep it growing.

We serve 500,000 readers each month in over 120 countries, making us one of the biggest Sunday School publishers in the business (except we’re giving it all away for free).

We have over 3,500 different resources you can download or print and upload over 25 new each month!

Your donations help make that happen.

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Here’s how it got started:

God’s been doing something special through this website.

I started as my personal blog back in 2007 when I was starting my journey as a children’s pastor.

That was before Facebook and I just wanted to connect with other people doing ministry. I also thought one day it might help me “get discovered” by some big church.

My little “blog” started to grow…

People in kids ministry starting finding my children’s church lessons and VBS reviews. Then they came back every week for fresh ideas. Christian publishing companies found the website too and started sponsoring our free content with ads that led back to their products.

I reached out to some friends in ministry to join the team and soon we were uploading 5 new resources each week – all 100% free for the readers!

It was a win-win-win situation.

Readers wanted to give back ….

Over the years, I’ve heard back from readers who wanted to make a donation. I always refused these gifts, because the business sponsors were covering the cost of the website and helping it to grow.

Lately, I’ve realized that was more pride than wisdom.

God’s people are generous and they can never out give the blessings of the LORD. If God puts it into their heart to give, then my refusal is not spiritual.

Google Ads are becoming a problem …

In short – the ads from Google now make up 3/4 of our ministry budget.

Every website that depends on advertisement has the same problem. Simple ads don’t provide the same revenue as they did 10 years ago. That’s why so many websites are overrun with annoying and distracting ads.

It’s really frustrating. The Internet is becoming more commercial driven with every year.

I have to make a choice, let Google have more control or reduce what the amount / quality of new materials on the website.

I think there is 3rd option.

I believe our reader gifts can replace Google ads…

This may be naive, but I believe Christian people are generous.

I believe that our readers are generous and willing to “give back” for the free help they have found on our website.

We need your support so we don’t depend on “Googles Ads.” I don’t want our free resources hidden – I don’t want this website over run by ads and popups.

If you agree – please consider making a donation to support our ongoing work.

People like us know that children’s ministry matters

Here’s your chance to give back and make this big change possible.

Our content is always free for readers, but you can help us take the Google ads out of the mix.

Will you consider supporting this free ministry resource for thousands of churches around the world (and here in the USA).

Support the 100% free ministry of this website!

You’re making a difference

Every website supporter (prayer or financial) helps this ministry grow.

Our goal is to create 5 new resources each week (lessons, crafts, video children’s sermons, and coloring pages). And them I’m updating another 10 of our existing resources every week to make them print friendly and easier to use.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement!

Prayer Matters Too!

We don’t have an organized prayer team (but that’s on my list for 2020). Here are a few pressing items you can lift up in your prayer for our team. You can also reach out to me directly if you feel led to pray for something specific this week:

  • Pray for Tony and his very large family.
  • Pray for Kristin in her new ministry position.
  • Pray for Bethany and her new adoption.
  • Pray for Mandy and her growing family.
  • Pray for Tara and her young family.

We constantly hear from readers around the world who need your prayers too.

  • Pray for those ministering in war-torn countries.
  • Pray for missionaries serving Christ far from home.
  • Pray for churches struggling to reach young families.
  • Pray for communities here in the USA that lack hope.