Kids Bible Lessons & Free Sunday School Lessons for Children

Free Children’s Bible Study Lessons

Kids Bible Lesson: God’s Work of Creation Genesis 1:1-2:4

The Great Creator Sunday School Lesson: Genesis 1 In creation, God has blessed us with a wonderful and amazing world to care for and enjoy. We know that everything around us was made by Him out of His infinite love and wisdom. This lesson reminds us that the Earth did not just randomly spring up out…

Kids Bible Lesson 1 Corinthians 12:3-31: Spiritual Gifts and the Body of Christ

Use Them for God!Sunday School Lesson: Spiritual Gifts God has given us special gifts that allow us to work together as the church, the body of Christ. Children should learn early on that the Lord loves them and has blessed them with talents and abilities. We can give thanks for these, and discover how to…

“A Comprehensive Guide for Kids: Understanding the Ascension of Jesus Christ”

Imagine soaring high above the clouds, leaving behind the worries of this world. That’s what the Ascension of Jesus Christ is all about – a journey to a higher place, a place of eternal peace and love. This comprehensive guide will help kids understand the significance of this miraculous event and inspire them to live…

Sunday School Lesson: The Ascension of Jesus (Acts 1:1-11 and Luke 24:44-53)

Today, we’re going to journey back in time to a very special day in history. Imagine you’re standing on a hill outside the ancient city of Jerusalem. You’re not alone. The disciples, Jesus’ closest friends, are there too. There’s a hush of anticipation in the air. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on one person: Jesus. But…

Teaching the Bible to Kids: Strategies and Resources for Christian Education

As parents and educators, teaching the Bible to kids is a significant responsibility. It’s essential to provide children with age-appropriate biblical education and help them grow in their faith. However, this task can be challenging, especially for those who are new to teaching the Bible or unsure where to start. In this blog post, we’ll…

Kids Bible Lesson (John 14:15-31) Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

Who are you? How do others know you love Jesus? It’s important for our lives to show evidence of our faith, and for others to see Christ’s love in what we say and do. We want the Holy Spirit to be active and alive in us. As Christians, we should be so excited and thankful…

John 14:1-14 Bible Lesson for Kids

This is the Way!  Sunday School Lesson: Jesus is the only Way to Heaven How do you get to Heaven? This is a question that has been asked throughout the ages, but the answer is spelled out quite clearly in Scripture. Jesus asserts that Himself, explaining that HE is the only way to salvation and…

“I am the Good Shepherd” Bible Lesson for Kids

Listen to the Shepherd!  Sunday School Lesson: Disciples on the Road to Emmaus Jesus is the Good Shepherd, who knows His sheep and takes care of them. He calls Himself the gatekeeper, calling His sheep by name and protecting them from harm. This lesson focuses on how we can listen for the voice of Jesus,…

Bible Verse of the Day

The Bible is a rich and inspiring source of wisdom and guidance. It can be a helpful tool for Christians who are looking for inspiration and encouragement in their daily lives. One way to make the most of the Bible is to read a verse each day. This can be a great way to start…

The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) Sunday School Bible Lesson for Kids Church

It’s Jesus!  Sunday School Lesson: Disciples on the Road to Emmaus The “Sunday School answer” is stereotypically Jesus, but the truth is that the identity of Jesus really is essential to our faith. This lesson reviews the events of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, and their encounter with the risen Christ. Jesus opened…

Doubting Thomas Bible Lesson for Kids (John 20:19-31)

No Doubt About it!  Sunday School Lesson on Doubting Thomas Do we need to see things to believe them? How can we know that what we are told is true? This lesson focuses on the importance of trusting God’s Word as a reliable source of information, given for us to know and understand who He…

FREER Easter Bible Lesson for Kids (John 20:1-18) Jesus Has Risen!

Celebrate the joy of the Resurrection this Easter with a free Bible lesson for kids! Download our lesson based on John 20:1-15, which teaches about Jesus’ resurrection. We know that life includes sadness and evil, but Jesus conquered death and God has already won the victory! This lesson describes several elements with contrasts to exemplify…

Humble Yourself! Bible Craft Ideas for Philippians 2  

Jesus emptied Himself of privileges and came to Earth to serve, rather than being served. He demonstrated how to live humbly, thinking less of ourselves and honoring God first and foremost. These crafts celebrate what it means to be humble and how we can serve others with humility. An “Empty Yourself Box” uses an empty…

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Free Sunday School: Nurturing Children’s Faith

Nurturing the faith of our children is vital, and providing engaging Bible lessons for kids is one of the best ways to do this. As we teach our children’s Bible lessons, we create a foundation for their spiritual growth, ensuring that God’s word resonates within their hearts.

Engaging Bible Study Activities for Kids

Through interactive kids’ Bible studies, we can help each child develop a deeper connection with God and Jesus, as they learn about the Holy Spirit and the life-changing messages in Bible stories. With comprehensive lesson plans, teaching Bible lessons to children becomes an enriching experience for both the teacher and the students. Our carefully crafted children’s Bible lessons are designed to speak directly to kids, allowing them to hear God’s voice and understand the relevance of the scriptures in their lives.

Interactive Kids Bible Lessons: Making Scripture Fun and Relatable

At the heart of children’s spiritual growth lies the power of engaging Bible lessons tailored specifically for kids. By teaching them captivating Bible stories through well-designed lesson plans, we help our children understand the timeless messages of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Children’s Bible lessons are essential in fostering a deep and lasting connection with the Word, as kids’ Bible study sessions bring these divine teachings to life in a relatable and age-appropriate way.

Top Resources for Teaching Bible Lessons in Sunday School

You’ll find all the best content from and The Sunday School Works blog here on our website as well. We’ve even added fresh Youth Bible Lessons that are also free to download and teach in your church ministry.

Tips for Delivering Impactful Kids Bible Studies on a Budget

By incorporating interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions, each child has the opportunity to experience the ways in which God speaks to us through Scripture. As we prioritize high-quality children’s Bible lessons and invest in the spiritual well-being of each child, we lay the foundation for a lifelong relationship with Jesus and the wisdom He imparts.

What are some good Bible lessons for kids?

Some good Bible lessons for kids include the story of Noah’s Ark, the tale of David and Goliath, and the parable of the Good Samaritan. These engaging lessons teach children about faith, courage, and kindness while introducing them to timeless Biblical principles in a relatable and age-appropriate way. Interactive activities and discussions can further enhance their understanding and connection to the Word.

What are some good Bible study lessons?

Good Bible study lessons often focus on key themes such as faith, love, forgiveness, and redemption. Popular topics include the Sermon on the Mount, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Prodigal Son, and the Armor of God. These lessons provide in-depth exploration of Scripture, encouraging reflection, discussion, and personal application of Biblical teachings in daily life.

How do you prepare a Bible lesson for kids?

To prepare a Bible lesson for kids, follow these steps: 1) Choose an age-appropriate Bible story or theme; 2) Identify the key message or moral you want to convey; 3) Develop a clear and concise lesson outline; 4) Incorporate interactive activities, such as crafts, games, or role-playing, to engage the children; 5) Prepare discussion questions to encourage reflection and understanding; and 6) Conclude the lesson with a prayer or takeaway that reinforces the key message. Remember to adapt your approach to the age group and learning styles of the children.

What to teach 10 year olds Bible?

When teaching the Bible to 10-year-olds, focus on stories and themes that are relatable and engaging for their age group. Popular topics include the Ten Commandments, the life of Jesus, the parables of Jesus, and lessons on faith, love, and forgiveness. Use interactive activities, such as games, skits, and crafts, to help them understand and apply the teachings in their daily lives. Encourage open discussions and questions to deepen their comprehension and personal connection to the Bible.