Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

This page is home to 450+ original Bible coloring pages. Use the menu to navigate to the download links and print in PDF format. Scroll down or use our search feature to find exactly what you need. You can also purchased many in bundled format. This saves time and supports the artist who created this work.

Christian Coloring Pages for Kids
Browse our 300+ Christian coloring pages for kids – 100% free to print

All the original Ministry-To-Children printable coloring pages are free to download use in your ministry – they are perfect for Sunday School, Children’s Church, or Christian School. We’ve divided them into categories below, but it might be easier to search for what you need.

Days of Creation

Don’t miss our 100% free Sunday School curriculum based on the Biblical story of Creation for kids.

Bible Alphabet

Bible ABC coloring book

Browse the free single pages or purchase the bundled set including teacher talking points and scripture verses for every page.

Jesus Coloring Pages

Kids Bible Coloring Pages - Jesus is My King

Jesus is My King (6 pages)

Books of the Bible Coloring Pages

Get the combined set of all 66 Books of the Bible coloring book for only $10 from the Sunday School Store. This both saves you time AND supports the artists who created these beautiful coloring sheets.

10 Commandments for Kids

10 Commands Coloring Pages

We are currently writing a free Sunday School curriculum to teach alongside these printable Bible coloring pages that teaches the Ten Commandments for Kids.

Prayer Bible Coloring Pages

The Lord's Prayer Coloring Pages for Kids

The Lord’s Prayer – 6 pages

Bible Stories for Children

Christian Coloring Pages - Bible Story

Popular Bible Stories – 15 coloring pages

These free Bible coloring pages for kids will help teach some of the most popular and important stories in the Bible. Included the prophet Elijah, King Daivd, Noah’s Ark, Moses, and the Resurrection of Jesus.

Easter – Religious Coloring Pages

Preschool Bible Coloring Pages

Preschool Coloring Pages

Download our printable preschool coloring pages for younger children, kindergarten, or toddlers. These Bible coloring pages include themes like “Jesus loves me” and “God made me special.” These fun printables are perfect to share in your toddler and preschooler classes.

The Four Seasons

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Christmas Printables

Memory Verse

Love (God’s Love) Bible Coloring Pages

Bible Coloring Pages about Love

God’s Love / Valentine’s Day coloring pages

These fun Bible coloring pages will help children see that Jesus and God’s Word say what real about real love.

Psalm One Bible Coloring Pages

Bible Coloring Pages - Psalm One

Psalm One (8 pages)

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit Coloring Pages

Fruit of the Spirit (11 pages)

You can also download our complete Fruit of the Spirit Sunday School Lessons. They were written in combination with these coloring pages.

Back To School Coloring Pages PDF

Back To School Coloring Pages

Help kids give thanks to God and have fun as they start the adventure of a new school year. Includes 4 coloring sheets perfect to share.

Misc Bible Coloring Pages

  • Cartoon Style Coloring Pages?

Trending Printables: J is for JESUSC is for CHRIST

free adoption coloring pages for kids

Christian Adoption Coloring Book

This set of 6 adoption coloring pages will help children understand the meaning of adoption and the calling we have to care for children who don’t have strong families.

The Original Ministry-T0-Children Coloring Pages

The primary illustrator for our coloring sheets is Mandy Groce. Through our website her art has blessed thousands of churches, homeschoolers, and Christian schools. We have lots more below and hope to add better preview pictures soon… Thanks for your patience!

More Christian Coloring Sheets

We recommend the following websites for their free coloring pages. Enjoy!

  • Christian Clip Arts has fun line drawing illustrations you can print and share
  • DLTK Printable Christian Coloring Pages
  • Raising Our Kids Coloring Sheets – Right click to open the image in a new tab
  • Bible Coloring Pages from ColoringPages.Net – Right click to open the image in a new tab

Bible coloring pages for Sunday School

We’ve uploaded over 300 free coloring sheets! These can provide a simple activity for any Sunday school or Children’s church lesson. Simply download, print, and share in your ministry. Click here to see them on Amazon.


Days of Creation Coloring PagesDAYS OF CREATION

In telling how God created the world, the book of Genesis describes what happened on each day. That was Mandy’s inspiration for this 8-page Days of Creation coloring book.

These original drawings are free to print and use however you like in your church, home, or school. They provide a helpful activity for any Sunday School lesson about how God created all things.

Books of the Bible Coloring PagesBOOKS OF THE BIBLE

Mandy has created an original coloring page for every single book of the Bible.

Click here for the OLD TESTAMENT

Click here for the NEW TESTAMENT

That makes one major 66 page coloring book – each sheet features a scripture quote and visual themes to help kids better understand the specific Bible book.

Fruit of the Spirit Coloring PagesFRUIT OF THE SPIRIT

Galatians 5:22-23 describes the character qualities that the Holy Spirit produces in the life of every believer. In this free 11-page coloring book, Mandy illustrates modern day examples where that fruit can make a difference. Each picture in this series is accompanied by a full lesson plan, but the coloring sheets are excellent teaching resources in their own right.

Bible Alphabet Coloring BookBIBLE ALPHABET

For this series, we asked readers to nominate a theme for each letter in the alphabet. This 26-page coloring book was the result.

This resource is especially useful with younger children first learning their letters, but the biblical themes for each letter provide a solid framework for teaching any age group of children.

Jesus is King - Gospel Coloring Book for ChildrenGOSPEL COLORING BOOK

We wanted to translate the “Jesus is King” themes from the Bible into a visual teaching tool for kids. The result was this 5-page Gospel coloring book. It helps children understand why they need Jesus and how to follow him.

This booklet is useful to introduce children to Jesus. It could also be a reminder for older kids who are growing in their faith.

The Lord's Prayer Coloring BookTHE LORD’S PRAYER

This series of coloring sheets is based on Matthew 6:9-13 where Jesus instructs his followers how to pray. Each illustration in this 5-page booklet relates the themes of the prayer to a modern context.

This is the ideal companion for our lesson plans on the Jesus’ model prayer. As children work through these printables, they will better understand how God wants them to pray.