Put on the New Self: Colossians 3:1-14 Children’s Sermon Message

Use this free children’s sermon to teach about putting on Christ from Colossians 3:1-14 in your Sunday School or Kid Church. Download our teaching notes below, gather your object lesson supplies, and watch the demonstration video below as you prepare to teach. Law/Gospel Theme: We know that we make mistakes and daily sin much. Our … Read more

Fruit of the Spirit Children’s Sermon (Galatians 5:13-25)

Use this free object lesson children’s message to teach kids about the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 15. Download the teaching notes below, gather your object lesson materials, and watch our video demonstration as you prepare to share. This sermon for kids is perfect for Sunday School, Kids Church, or any Children’s Ministry Bible … Read more

Children’s Sermon ⛰️Elijah Hears God’s Whispers from 1 Kings 19:1-15

Use this children’s sermon lesson when teaching children the story of Elijah in the Bible. Download the teaching directions below, watch our children’s sermon video demonstration, and gather your object lessons supplies as you prepare to teach. This short message is perfect for kids church, Sunday School, or sharing the children’s ministry moment in your … Read more

Children’s Sermon (Acts 16:16-34) Paul and Silas in Prison

Use this children’s sermon in your kids church, Sunday School, or children’s ministry teaching. It’s based on the miraculous earthquake in Acts 16 where God opens the jail doors for Silas and Paul. Download the teaching notes, gather your object lesson supplies, and watch our children’s sermon demonstration as you prepare to teach this Bible … Read more

Heaven Children’s Sermon (Revelation 21:1-7) New Heaven and New Earth

Use this “heaven” themed children’s sermon message in your kids church, Sunday School, or children’s ministry moment to share the hope of Heaven from Revelation 21:1-7. Watch our video demonstration below and download the lesson plan notes. Gather your object lesson materials and enjoy teaching this Bible message of hope to the children in your … Read more

“Dorcas” Children’s Sermon (Acts 9:36-43) Peter Raises Tabitha to Life

Teach kids about serving God with this Acts 9:36-43 children’s sermon on Peter raising Tabitha (aka Dorcas) back to life. This message encourages children to use their talents to serve God and help others, as He calls us all to do. Sometimes things don’t seem to go our way, but God can and will use … Read more

The Hope of Easter: Children’s Sermon Lesson on The Resurrection of Jesus from John 20:1-18

Children’s Message for Kids Church on the Resurrection Hope of Easter Sunday. Download this children’s sermon to use in your Sunday School or Kids Church this Easter Sunday! Lesson Objective: Throughout history, we have seen stories of underdogs pulling through. Sometimes this means sports teams winning against all odds. In other cases, it might be … Read more

Children’s Sermon Lesson on the Last Supper from Luke 22:7-23 Do This in Remembrance of Me

This children’s sermon visits the events of the Last Supper that Jesus shared with His disciples. Christ shared bread and wine, inviting His friends (and us) to remember that He gave His body and blood for us, for the salvation of sins. We need God’s grace for our spiritual nourishment, just as we need physical … Read more

St Patrick’s Object Lesson – Trusting God in Times of Doubt

trusting god object lesson

Kids need to know that God is in control – this children’s message object lesson makes that point with a fun reference to St. Patrick’s Day. Download the message script below and watch the demonstration video to help you prepare. “Trusting God in Times of Doubt” Children’s Sermon Object Lesson from John 4:5-42 Main Objective: … Read more

Unexpected Combinations: Children’s Sermon on the Golden Rule from Luke 6:27-38

Lesson Objective: The lesson here uses unexpected combinations to illustrate what can happen when we love our enemies. This message focuses on Christ’s challenging instructions admonishing us to love others. We are called to not only care for people that we like, but to pray even for those who might be unkind to us. It … Read more