“I am the Good Shepherd” Bible Lesson for Kids

Listen to the Shepherd!  Sunday School Lesson: Disciples on the Road to Emmaus Jesus is the Good Shepherd, who knows His sheep and takes care of them. He calls Himself the gatekeeper, calling His sheep by name and protecting them from harm. This lesson focuses on how we can listen for the voice of Jesus, … Read more

The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) Sunday School Bible Lesson for Kids Church

The Road to Emmaus: Jesus Appears to Disciples, Breaking Bread, and the Resurrection

It’s Jesus!  Sunday School Lesson: Disciples on the Road to Emmaus The “Sunday School answer” is stereotypically Jesus, but the truth is that the identity of Jesus really is essential to our faith. This lesson reviews the events of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, and their encounter with the risen Christ. Jesus opened … Read more

FREER Easter Bible Lesson for Kids (John 20:1-18) Jesus Has Risen!

Easter Sunday School Bible Lesson for Kids

Celebrate the joy of the Resurrection this Easter with a free Bible lesson for kids! Download our lesson based on John 20:1-15, which teaches about Jesus’ resurrection. We know that life includes sadness and evil, but Jesus conquered death and God has already won the victory! This lesson describes several elements with contrasts to exemplify … Read more

Palm Sunday Bible Lesson for Kids: The Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

Sunday School Lesson Jesus on Palm Sunday

Title: Palm Sunday – The Triumphal Entry Objective: To teach children aged 6-10 about Palm Sunday and the significance of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Bible Story: The Triumphal Entry (Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-10, Luke 19:28-38, John 12:12-15) Introduction: Begin by welcoming the children and explaining that today’s lesson is about Palm Sunday, the day … Read more

John 11:1-45 Sunday School Lesson “Jesus Raises Lazarus! Trusting in the Power of Jesus”

This Sunday school lesson focuses on the passage from John 11:1-45, in which Jesus brings Lazarus back to life. In this lesson, we will look at how Jesus shows us that He is clearly greater than death and gives mankind hope for eternity. Bible Passage Background John 11 tells the story of Jesus raising Lazarus … Read more