Bedtime Prayers With Children

One of the greatest blessings of being a dad is tucking my little ones in each night. Like most families, we have a routine that includes a bedtime prayer for the children. Sometimes it’s just one of the scripture blessings I’ve memorized, and sometimes it’s more specific intercession. But there is something about the bedtime prayer that our kids love.
I haven’t written much on that topic, but I want to point you to an excellent post by Trevin Wax. He offers some practical help for praying with kids and even shares his routine. Follow this link to read his post – Bedtime Prayers with our Children. Here’s a quote from his post:

The days are hurried. The more kids you have, the more difficult it is to gather everyone together for family prayer. When your child does start to pray, it’s the same prayer every night. You wonder how much he or she is praying from the heart and how much of their prayer is merely a formality. You yourself are exhausted from your efforts. Sometimes, it just seems like taking a few minutes every night to pray is too much.

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