Spotlight “Home Life Ministries”

Home Life Ministries is a ministry dedicated to equiping parents and children’s ministers to teach children biblical characteristics.  Morris Hull is the founder of this web-based ministry.  He has lived in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and currently lives in the United States.
The Character Journal is of greatest interest to our readers here at Ministry to Children.  They offer 38 different character trait lessons that can be used in either a church Bible study or a family worship setting.  These can be downloaded for free and are extensive in their approach.  You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive any new character trait studies.
The ministry also offers online counseling.  Morris Hull even hosts a radio program called Character Focus that airs in England and Scotland and can also be heard through their website.  Finally, he is also a conference speaker speaking primarily to Biblical parenting and marriage issues, but is willing and able to speak to anything that is found in the Bible.
While they do have a link where you can make a donation, everything on their website is available for free.  If you are struggling with something to teach your children this summer or are wanting a guide for teaching your children positive character traits, you would do well to begin at Home Life Ministries.

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