God’s Protection Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids

God’s protection is a vital Sunday School lesson that every child should learn. Our free pdf teaching resource below include engaging activities, crafts, bible stories, and object lessons that will teach your kids about the power of God’s protection. Plus, they can enjoy fun coloring pages to reinforce the lesson.

Use the free PDF lesson below to help kids grow in their faith that GOD is their protection in times of trouble. Scroll down to see Bible lesson videos, craft examples, and more children’s ministry lesson ideas.

God is always with us, and he provides protection for us in many ways. With these fun Sunday School lesson plans, activities, crafts, bible stories, and object lessons, kids will learn all about the protection of god. They can also color some great protection-themed coloring pages!

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson on God’s Protection

Looking for a creative way to teach your children about God’s protection? Look no further than this fun and engaging umbrella Bible object lesson! Using an ordinary umbrella, your children will learn about how God shields them from danger and keeps them safe. This lesson is perfect for Children’s Church or any other religious gathering.

Bible Craft Activities about God Protecting His People

These fun and creative bible crafts are a great way to help kids learn about Gods protection. Each activity is designed to help kids understand how God protects them from harm and provides them with guidance and direction.

God’s Protection: Bible Story Video

When we follow God, the devil will try to get us away from everything that makes life worth living. But thanks be praise His name! He provides armor for your body so you can stand up against these attacks and not sin anymore – see Ephesians 6:10-17 .

More Bible Teaching Material about God’s Protection for Sunday School or Kids Ministry Lessons

Fun Umbrella Bible Object Lesson on Protection from God

We all know that God provides for us, but what would happen if we taught our kids to communicate their needs? A lot less of those pesky pray requests might stroll across your radar! When I teach on this subject matter and use object lessons (of course), like an umbrella or raincoat with a Bible inside—you’re ready.

God is my Fortress: Names of God Bible Lesson for Kids

Kids Bible Lesson about God Protecting His People (Exodus 1-2)

  • Key Verse: “Do not withhold your mercy from me, O Lord; may Your love and Your truth always protect me.” Psalm 40:11
  • Teaching Passage: God protects baby Moses – Exodus 1-2
  • Supporting Texts: Psalm 40:11, Proverbs 2:8, Proverbs 24:12, Deuteronomy 10:18, 2 Samuel 22:2

Sunday School Lesson about the Armor of God

God’s armor is an important part of fighting spiritual battles. We can fight against the enemy by putting on His empowering protection, which comes in parts like courage and strength (Eph 6).

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