Parable of the Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22 1-14) Sunday School Lesson & Activities for Kids

God invites us to reap the benefits of salvation, and all we have to do is accept that free gift. Sometimes we make excuses or push Him aside, as the people in the parable did. But God wants everyone to hear the good news of Jesus, and accepts all who come to Him in faith.

Download our free lesson plans and teaching activities below based on Matthew 22:1-14, “The Parable of the Wedding Feast.” Use these free Bible lesson to teach kids in your Sunday School class the meaning of mercy and forgiveness. We’ve included complete teaching plans, game suggestions, craft ideas, and bonus coloring page. Simply download the PDF files below.

Kids Bible Lessons from Matthew 22:1-14

More Learning Activities on the Parable of the Wedding Feast

Sunday School Crafts: Everyone Invited

Use these craft projects when teaching the Parable of the Wedding Feast from Matthew 21:1-14. Download the directions below and watch our example video as you prepare.

Matthew 22:1-14 Object Lesson Message for Children

Download our free message notes and watch our Bible teaching example below as you prepare to share this children’s sermon in your congregation or Sunday School.

You’re Invited Coloring Page

Invited to Sunday School Coloring Page
you're invited coloring page

Matthew 22:1-14

Jesus told Pharisees another parable, which was about a wedding feast the King prepared for his son. King sent his servants to inform the guest of the wedding that the feast is ready. But the people invited to the wedding did not care about it and they just went away for their own work. Other invited people hurt the king’s servants and killed them. The king was so enraged and destroyed those murderers and burned their cities. Then, the king ordered his servants to bring people from the streets, no matter they were good or bad. The feast was eventually filled with guests. The king noticed a man who was not wearing wedding clothes, he asked this man why, but the man did not answer. The king ordered to tie this man up and throw him out of the feast. Then Jesus said, “Many are invited but few are chosen”.

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