Preschool Sunday School Lessons

Younger children need God’s Word too! That’s why the toddler & preschool ministry class is so important to your Sunday School department. The following Preschool Sunday School lessons will help you teach the Bible to the little children at your church.

Bible Lessons for Preschool Aged Children

Toddlers Sunday School Lessons

Activities and Songs for Preschool Sunday School

More Ideas for Preschool Ministry at Church

  • Classroom Management for Preschoolers – It takes a special teacher to keep the younger kids focused and learning. This article will help with 6 practical tips for teachers and ministry leaders at church.
  • Printable Preschool Activity “Fishing for Good News” – Teaching the little ones can be a fun challenge. You always feel like you’re repeating yourself…. again and again. But that’s exactly how they learn best! It takes repetition, patience and prayer.
  • 10 Way to Bond with Preschool Aged Children – Everyone should love preschoolers.  They’re just a whole lot of fun. I love their energy – excitement – their thirst and hunger for knowledge.  I love their innocent view of the world.  Spend your Sunday morning with a room full of preschoolers, and you will get a much better understanding why Jesus told His followers they needed faith like a child. 

Share Your Tips for Teaching the Bible to Preschoolers

We love to hear back from readers. What are you doing in your preschool Sunday School class to make sure the little ones know God’s Word? Leave a comment below to join the conversation.

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