Crafting with the Gospel: Jesus Heals in Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26

Hello Crafters! Today, we delve into the Gospel of Matthew, exploring how Jesus sought and saved the lost through his miraculous healings. Some of these miracles might seem strange or even unexpected, but they demonstrate Jesus’ compassion and power. Let’s celebrate these miracles with two crafts that highlight Jesus’ healing power.

Craft 1: Dead to Alive Paper Bag Puppet

Our first craft is inspired by the miraculous healing of a little girl who had died. When Jesus arrived, he simply said, “I think she’s just sleeping, wake up!” and she came back to life. To share this story, we’re creating a “dead to alive” paper bag puppet.

Crafting the Puppet

This craft is simple and can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Start by drawing the girl’s features on the paper bag. On one side, draw her with closed eyes to represent her state of death. Caption this side with “Jesus brings healing, from death to life, Matthew chapter nine.”

On the reverse side, draw her with open eyes and a smile, representing her miraculous revival. Now, as you tell the story, you can show the transformation from death to life, illustrating how Jesus turns our sadness into gladness.

Craft 2: Healing Hearts Display

Our second craft is a “Healing Hearts Display,” a decoration made from a paper plate. This craft symbolizes the spiritual healing Jesus provides, healing that goes beyond physical ailments.

Crafting the Display

On one side of the paper plate, draw or attach representations of doctor’s tools, captioning this side with “The sick need a doctor…” This represents our human efforts to heal.

On the other side, paste a cut-out heart in the center. This heart represents our spiritual condition, which only Jesus can heal. Caption this side with “We all need Jesus, the soul doctor, Matthew chapter nine.”

On the heart, create a cross pattern with Band-Aids and caption it with “Jesus heals our hearts.” This serves as a reminder that while we may experience physical illness, what we truly need is Jesus, who saves us from our sin sickness and makes us new again.


These crafts offer a fun and creative way to explore the Gospel of Matthew, specifically the healing miracles of Jesus. They remind us that Jesus provides what we need, perhaps not always in the ways we would want or expect, but in the ways that He knows we truly need.

Feel free to adapt these crafts to suit your needs and your ministry. Remember, crafting is not just about the end product, but also about the process of exploring and understanding the Bible’s teachings. So, go forth, craft disciples, and join us again for more craft and message ideas every week. Have a wonderful week, and we’ll see you next time.

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