Books of the Bible PowerPoint Review Slides

Books of the Bible PowerPoint Review
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This is a PowerPoint Presentation that was made in order to help children learn the books of the Bible. The slides have been placed in groups in order for children to understand a little about the books as they learn the order.
Directions: Click on the preview image to the right to download this PowerPoint file. We’ve also converted it to a PDF format if you merely want to print the slides for use away from a computer.
A few activities for this PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Show it to a group of children and have them read them along with the presentation
  • Play the presentation, but pause it after each group and have the children try to remember what comes next

Print out the PowerPoint Presentation pages. Laminating the sheets would help them to keep longer. Here are a few activities to do with the printed out pages:

  • Put all of the pages on the floor and have the children put them in order
  • Hand out the pages to individual children and have them line up in order
  • Discuss why the books of the Bible are in those particular groups (example: Act is all about the New Testament church – that’s why it’s in the Church History group)
  • Put the pages in order in a line on the floor (or have the children do it) and then have the children step on them as they read them down the line
  • Put the pages all over the floor (out of order), call out a book of the Bible (or a group) and have the children find that page and go stand on it

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  1. Hello I would like to know if you have a books of the Bible Series for Sunday school.? I found coloring sheets but I am looking for lessons that go through each book of the Bible and give a brief overlook of that book. Thank you


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