New Year, New Life in Christ – Bible Craft Ideas from John 1:10-18

Resolutions…from the Inside Out! Craft Ideas for New Year and Strength in Christ. The start of a new calendar year is a time that finds many people making goals and resolutions for themselves. As Christians, we recognize that striving for improvement is wonderful, but that we can do nothing without Jesus and the true change … Read more

New Year, New Life in Christ – Children’s Sermon from John 1:10-18

New Year, New You!  Children’s Message on Transformation through Jesus. A new year is often a time when people make goals and resolutions to transform and change themselves. However, we know that on our own we can do nothing. True change must come from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This message reminds children that … Read more

Christ is King! Children’s Sermon from John 18:33-37

Jesus did a lot of remarkable things and fulfilled many roles while on Earth. He continues to hold tremendous power and authority over all things, especially our lives. This message considers some of the titles that describe Jesus, such as Good Shepherd, bread of life, and Lamb of God. Most importantly, though, Jesus is the … Read more

Jesus is the Bread from Heaven (John 6:24-35) Sunday School Lesson

Have some bread! In this day of gluten-free, carb friendly diet consciousness, we might lose sight of how essential bread has been historically to life. It is a food staple that sees variations throughout time and culture, but which nourishes and strengthens us physically. Understanding that Jesus is our “bread” reminds us that He provides … Read more

Jesus is the Bread of Life: Children’s Sermon from John 6:24-35

Despite modern concerns of gluten-free or keto-friendly diets, bread has historically been a nutrition staple, and continues to provide energy and life to those who eat it! Bread also serves as a simple and fun visual for this children’s message. Use whatever variety of bread might be relevant to your students (maybe even donuts!) to … Read more

Bible Craft Ideas (John 17:6-19) Jesus Gives Us Tools for Prayer

Prayer is a powerful and important thing to teach to young children, but can be a little tricky to impart or explain. These crafts are meant to provide children with simple but fun visual reminders of why and how we pray. A prayer chain allows kids to consider things to pray for. The “prayer telephone” … Read more