The Spiritual Impact of Mothers: Sally Michael

Here is my rough summary and paraphrase of the breakout session with Sally Michael. She and her husband, David, currently serve as the directors of Parenting and Children’s Discipleship at Bethlehem Baptist Church located in Minneapolis, MN. Sally is best known for her her role in writing curriculum for Children Desiring God. For more coverage … Read more

What’s a Christian Dad Suppose To Do: Randy Stinson

What follows is my rough paraphrase and summary of a talk from the 2010 Connecting Church and Home Conference. In this break-out session, Randy Stinson assumed a basic understanding of Ephesians 5:22-33. This message was more about an application for husbands as they lead their families. There are nine applications that build on one another. … Read more

Connecting Church & Home: Opening Questions

The conference began with lunch and panel discussion. It was a fast moving session with much more going on than I could write down. Instead, I will list some of the takeaways from my notes. Definition: The family equipping model seeks to reorient existing ministry programs so that parents are better trained, equipped, and acknowledge … Read more