Fall Crafts for Sunday School – Autumn Themed Ideas

Fall craft ideas for Sunday School

Download these craft directions below to help you prepare some fun Autumn themed activities for your Sunday School class. Then watch our demonstration video to make sure your are ready to share these Fall crafts for Sunday School kids. Fall Crafts for Kids Sunday School Autumn themed activities for children The leaves are changing, the … Read more

All are Saints for “All Saints”… After Halloween Lesson from Matthew 5:1-12

Whether it is celebrated and recognized or not, Halloween is well-known by most Americans. Yet many (adults as well as kids) are not so familiar with the holiday behind the origin of Halloween: All Saints’ Day! (After all, “Hallow’s Eve” must be the Eve to some Holy Day…). So where did the holiday come from … Read more

10 Great Ideas for a Hallelujah Festival

Ideas for Fall Festival at Church

It’s Hallelujah Festival time! Christian schools and churches around the country hold these Halloween alternatives for kids to have a safe, less spooky celebration, with a focus on goodness and God. However, it is easy to get in a rut during these festivals. The same games, the same activities and since there are so many, … Read more

Make Fall Festival Planning Easier

Little girl at fall festival.

It’s just around the corner — it’s fall festival time. Or as we call them in some parts of the country, the Hallelujah festival. Having some Halloween alternatives for families is a great idea but waiting to the last minute to plan them can put you behind, big time. Don’t stress this year! You can … Read more

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Party Ideas

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” is my favorite Halloween movie and every year, I love using the characters from this show in my ministry. It’s a sweet story about a boy named Linus who mistakenly puts his faith in a disappointing Great Pumpkin. Unlike the Linus, who delivers his eloquent speech at the Charlie … Read more

Halloween Photo Booth Ideas

Little girl making afraid face

In a recent months, I’ve relied on photo booth backgrounds to help me pull off some fun themes in kids’ ministry. For example, during the “Jesus is My Superhero” crusade, we had a cardboard background painted to look like skyscrapers. Kids got to stand in the booth wearing their superhero costumes and get a photo … Read more

5 Fall Candy Party Activities

Candy is a big part of fall ministry, isn’t it? Personally, I don’t “celebrate” Halloween, but I do love fall festivals and ministering to kids. One thing that will be in abundance for the next few months is fall candy. If you need a few extra activities for your ministry time or plan to throw … Read more