Children’s Sermon (Matthew 23:1-12) Humility and Pride

Matthew 23 Children's Sermon Bible Lesson

Use this Matthew 23:1-12 children’s sermon lesson in your Sunday School or kids church. You can print the teaching notes below and watch our video demonstration as you prepare. “Don’t Let Pride Puff You Up” Children’s Sermon on Matthew 23:1-12 Main Objective: “Practice what you preach”….it’s a common saying, but what does it mean? This message … Read more

Jesus Served By Being Resurrected (Servanthood for Kids #10)

When Jesus was resurrected he proved to the world that he lived a perfect life as a servant by dying on the cross for our sins. In this final part of the “Servanthood for Kids Series,” kids will become intimately aware of the assurance we have in salvation and in God’s promises for the future. In addition, they … Read more

Lesson: Jesus Served Through His Crucifixion, Part 2 (Servanthood for Kids #9)

Jesus fulfilled his earthly life of service by dying on the cross. In part 2 of “Jesus Served Through His Crucifixion” (Lesson 9 of the Servanthood Series), children will learn how Jesus’ arrest, appearance before officials, and mockery from others didn’t stop his service. Through his example we see that trials and obstacles can be … Read more

Lesson: Jesus Served Through His Crucifixion, Part 1 (Servanthood for Kids #8)

Jesus didn’t just serve during the good times. In the events leading up to his crucifixion, Jesus remained obedient and dedicated to serving God even though he was betrayed and faced unfair treatment. This lesson is part 1 of, “Jesus Served Through His Crucifixion” (Lesson 8 of the Servanthood series) and explores the preliminary events … Read more

Lesson: Service Leads to Blessings (Servanthood for Kids #6)

Blessings come in many forms, and Jesus told us we will be blessed when we obey, serve, and follow his example. It’s important for kids to understand the biblical promises of rewards. However, it’s equally important for them to know that wrong motives will get in the way of God’s blessings. Jesus explains the criteria for … Read more

Jesus Calls Disciples (Matthew 4:12-22) Sunday School Lesson

Kids have a place in the work of God’s Kingdom. In this lesson on service, children will learn how Jesus served his disciples and included them in his mission. This Sunday School lesson is based on Matthew 4:12-22. The printable PDF below includes all the lesson plan, coloring page, worksheets, and activities described on this … Read more

Lesson: Jesus’ Baptism and Satan’s Temptation (Servanthood for Kids #3)

The beginnings of Jesus ministry point to his character as a servant. Both in his baptism and while resisting the Devil’s temptation, Jesus showed humility. This lesson teaches about those events and how children can also follow in his example. It is part 3 of the “Servanthood for Kids Series” we will be posting over … Read more