Reach Out: 5 Church Outreach Opportunities for Families Ministry

It can be a bit of a challenge to minister to neighborhood families due to today’s incredible busyness and cultural distractions. Nonetheless, our communities need the love of Christ more than ever, so a continued effort for outward ministry is absolutely necessary. But how do we get our own families involved? Here are five family-friendly … Read more

Devotional: Quieting the Noise, Learning to Be Still (Isaiah 26:3)

Noise. It is everywhere, whether we like it or not, invading our senses and distracting focus. We are surrounded by media, technology, traffic, society…Noise is not always audible, though. Sometimes we create our own mental clutter and prevent ourselves from peace. Our minds become a volley of tasks, worries, and preoccupations, and our schedules add … Read more

Devotional: The Bible is a VERB

My son was learning about parts of speech this year. We started with nouns: people, places, and things. Then we moved onto verbs: action. That’s what got me thinking about the Bible. Most people think that it’s a noun. Well, it’s a thing, right? Technically, yes. It’s a book made of paper and binding. But, … Read more