Children’s Ministry is the Highest Calling

Why is the children’s ministry so important? Children are a priority in the Bible and it’s our responsibility as Christians to make sure they’re not just being entertained. In this video, I share one simple reason why children’s ministry matters. 68 Reasons Why Children’s Ministry Matters Children’s Ministry is so important for so many reasons! … Read more

Teacher Devotion: Go Ahead and Rock the Boat… Jesus can Walk on Water

Oil Painting of a sailboat

We wish somehow that church could be “perfect” and grant us opportunity for beautiful fellowship, community, and outreach. Unfortunately, though, churches are made of people, and people are not perfect. We make mistakes and sometimes lose track of the truly important things in God’s service. There are times in our experience as church members, and … Read more

New Children’s Ministry Statistics (2019) How do kids come to Christ?

family ministry statistics

We surveyed 400 children’s ministry leaders and analyzed the latest research. Here’s what we learned. Jesus loves the little ones – that’s why we love to serve in children’s ministry. Every person (no matter their age) was created to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s the most pressing need in this life. It’s … Read more

Even the Smallest Sunday School Matters to God

Does a Sunday school require a quorum? There are some churches out there that require golf carts to move through parking lots, tags and intercoms for childcare, and separate staff just to organize coffee fellowship. These are the congregations with fog machines, headliner worship bands, and personalized latte brands. However, not all bodies of believers … Read more