We Love Ministry-To-Children.com

Ministry-to-children.com is a website that offers free resources, including lesson plans, crafts, games, and activities for children’s ministry. These resources are designed to help Sunday school teachers, children’s ministry leaders, and parents teach kids about God in a fun and engaging way. One of the reasons why some people might consider this website to be … Read more

Veggie Tales St Patrick Video

Veggie Tales St. Patrick’s Day Video: Bringing Joy to the Whole Family Veggie Tales is a classic family favorite and this St. Patrick’s Day video proves it is as popular as ever! The whole family will have fun watching this unique and joyful video, which celebrates the Irish holiday in a way that only Veggie … Read more

What does it Mean to Trust and Obey? Sunday School Lesson on Faith

            Kids have a difficult time with abstracts. It is understandably challenging to put trust in things that cannot be seen, or to grasp concepts that are not tangible. “The faith of a mustard seed can move mountains”, we might hear. But to the concrete mind of a six-year-old this only conjures a very perplexing … Read more

Sharing is Caring….What it means to be part of the body of Christ

Bible Focus: The early church of the New Testament provides an example of Godly living that involves sharing. Sharing is not just a preschool principle, and it is not only about money or things. We can share in all sorts of ways, and when we do so it honors God. Target Age Group: Pre-K-Sixth Grade … Read more