What’s your VBS plans? Will stay-at-home cancel your Vacation Bible School?

vbs poll for pandemic online vbs

With the stay-at-home orders covering all 50 states, this summer’s VBS could be in danger. I’d love to hear what you are thinking. Leave a comment below. Should churches cancel VBS for summer of 2020? From what I’m hearing, most churches will wait until the first week of May to start those discussions. My personal … Read more

“Focus” VBS from Orange

Focus VBS from Orange Curriculum

“Focus” is the new VBS theme from Orange curriculum. Last week at the Children’s Pastors Conference, I got a chance to talk with the people behind the exciting new material. Take a look at this new Vacation Bible School and let me know what you think. Focus for VBS 2020 This all-new VBS 2020 from … Read more

What Is the Purpose of Vacation Bible School?

What's the purpose of Vacation Bible School

Unless you’ve grown up attending Vacation Bible School regularly, you may not understand the purpose. Why host a VBS? Are they really necessary? Why did we start this tradition to begin with? Well, there’s a lot of history Vacation Bible School but just know that Vacation Bible School’s purpose hasn’t really changed. In the beginning, … Read more

“Big Fish Bay” VBS from Regular Baptist Press

Big Fish Bay VBS 2020 RBP

This fun program for VBS 2020 is from Regular Baptist Press. Big Fish Bay (official website) has a ocean / fishing boat theme and focuses on the Biblical story of Jonah. RBP is a longtime supporter of our website and we love to highlight their excellent resources for children’s ministry. Our website doesn’t sell curriculum, … Read more

Rocky Railroad VBS – Group Publsihing

rocky railroad vbs group 2020

Let’s take a look at another excellent VBS 2020 Theme . This one is from Group VBS and called Rocky Railroad (official website). It’s a program made for the train loving children who dream of adventure and travel. Keep reading to see more details and find out if this Vacation Bible School curriculum is right … Read more