Jenny Funderburke: 2012 Blog Madness Champion

We started with 68 blogs and the competition has come down to only four. Which of these finalists will be crowed 2012 Kids Ministry Blog champion? You have until next Thursday 29 March (approx 10 PM EST) to rally support for your favorites. Endorsements, smack talk, and predictions welcome in the comment section below. Jenny Funderburke: Champion The … Read more

Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2012 (1st round)

Each March, our website hosts a tournament of children’s ministry bloggers. It starts with a field of 68 and then we let the readers decide who will advances to the next round. >> Round #2 has started. Click here to see who advanced and vote for your favorites now. Browse the field below, visit a … Read more

Blog Madness Results (2010-2013)

Our annual tournament of Kids Ministry bloggers started back in 2010. This page is a quick recap of the action mainly to help me keep the divisions balanced in the selection process. 2010 Sweet Sixteen Midwest Division: Lemon Lime Kids, Matt Mckee, Jonathan Cliff, Children’s Ministry Blog South Division: C.M.O. (Kenny Conley), Orange Leaders, apPARENTly blogging, Revival Fire East Division: sam luce, Justyn Smith,, Dad … Read more

2011 Kidmin Blog Madness (2nd round)

This contest has moved on to the final round. Click here to check it out and vote for your favorite kids ministry blogger. Our first round had all the upsets, comebacks, and buzzer beaters you would expect. The competition got a little more intense when several of the bloggers sniffed out the grand prize.  Yes, … Read more

2010 Kids Ministry Blog Madness (Final Round)

The voters have spoken and our field of 64 children’s ministry blogs is down to four. This round will determine who will get the $200 in books from and bragging rights until next year! The buzzer has sounded and Childrens Ministry 1234 is the Kidmin Blog Madness Champion. Thanks to everyone who voted. Final Four … Read more

2010 Kidmin Blog Madness (Round 2)

Vote for Your Favorite Kidmin Blogger It’s time for round #2 of our bracket style tournament to determine the top children’s ministry blog. Our little contest is inspired by the NCAA March Madness, but aims to promote some of the great bloggers who write about children’s ministry. >> This round is now closed, go vote … Read more

2010 Kids Ministry Blog Madness

Round #1 is now closed and the top 16 blogs have advanced. Here is the link to vote in round two. Vote for Your Favorite Kidmin Blogger There are some great bloggers writing about children’s ministry. That’s why I put together the Big List of Children’s Ministry Blogs. It’s also why I complied the Top 10 … Read more