Pilgrims Give Thanks to God: Coloring Page

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Pilgrims Give Thanks to God Coloring Page - click above to download

This coloring page shows more of the traditional side of Thanksgiving. It could be used in any school, church, or home setting to talk about the faith of the Pilgrims. It was created by Mandy Groce, a visual artist from Louisville, KY. If you enjoy this work, please leave a comment to say thanks.
Directions: To download this free printable coloring page, simply click on the image to the right for a print friendly PDF file. We’ve also uploaded a higher resolution jpeg version for advanced editing.
The image shows a Pilgrim family on the deck of a ship as it approaches land. The woman’s hands are raised in a gesture of thanksgiving unto God. The caption surrounding the picture makes the meaning plain:

The pilgrims were thankful to God for His love; for all of the blessings He’d sent from above… New friends, many lessons, such hardship and strife… they rejoiced to the One who had given them life!

Like all our Sunday School crafts, this coloring sheet is 100% free for you to use in your church, home, or school. We’d love to hear back from any homeschool families or Christian school teachers who use this as part of their teaching on the Christian History of Thanksgiving. Although the holiday was officially established until later, the early American settlers clearly gave thanks to God for his protection.
thanksgiving coloring printableHere is a second coloring sheet for Thanksgiving. This one shows a traditional family seated around the dinner table. The captions says “Be thankful in all things.” This would be a great family activity sheet. This resource is also free to use in any ministry context.
Thanksgiving Coloring PageThis coloring page features a Thankful tree. It doubles as a craft activity where kids can write down items for which they can thank God. This would be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving Sunday School lesson. I plan to use it in my children’s church Also illustrated by Mandy Groce.

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