What Does a Children’s Ministry Do?

What does a children’s ministry do? If you are familiar with church culture you probably think you know the answer to this question. But do you? Can you give specifics?

If someone that wasn’t familiar with your church or church culture asked you this question how would you answer them? When you think about it, the answer can feel too big to answer. Let’s break the answers down into manageable chunks.

Contrary to popular belief, children’s ministry isn’t the church’s babysitting service. In my opinion, children’s ministry is an extension of family ministry. The two ministries work in tandem to build God’s kingdom and strong, faith-filled families.

I think it’s fair to say that depending on the church you work with, the answers to the question posed here might be a little different but only slightly. If you aren’t sure how to answer this question stay tuned. I think I can help. Children’s ministry should perform three vital duties.

The Role of the Children’s Ministry

  1. Help families grow together.
  2. Teaches children about God & His Word.
  3. Build a community of faith for kids to experience.

Work With Families to Help Them Grow Together

Children’s ministry encourages and supports the families by providing spiritual instruction to the youngest members of the congregation—the kids! But teachers also offer supportive services to families, like parenting classes, age-specific ministries like preschool or Christian school. Kids’ ministry isn’t just for Sundays and Wednesdays. It should happen all year long too. Not just holidays. (Although those are so much fun.) Kids’ ministries teach kids how to read the Bible for themselves and how to pray but we also help families on a daily basis. We should help kids and families interact and grow together in a spiritually healthy way. This can be achieved through relationships and programs like children’s church, Sunday School and special events like Vacation Bible School.

Children’s Ministry Teaches Children About God and His Word

Children’s ministry brings the Bible to life in ways that children can grasp. As teachers, we not only teach but demonstrate how to have a genuine relationship with God. Kids need to know that God loves them and he cares about them. Whether that’s through puppets or crafts or classroom teaching, one of the most important things children’s teachers do is help shed light on God’s Word. It shouldn’t be hard to interpret. Teachers also use tried and true tools like scripture memory verses along with more contemporary object lessons to help children remember key verses. 

Builds a Community of Faith for Children

A vibrant children’s ministry provides a community of faith for kids. It is always so encouraging for Christians to interact with other Christians–especially young people. A community of people working together can do anything for God! Pray for one another, kids worship God together, all the amazing shared experiences that are so important to our faith.

What would you add to this list? How would you define this question? I would love to hear your thoughts.

You can do it!

This post was written by Mimi Patrick from Ministry-To-Children

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