Children’s Ministry Statistics 2022

We asked 1,200 children’s ministry leaders to share about their local situations heading into 2022. The responses are often concerning, especially the impact of COVID on how churches are reaching young families. If you want to see all our children’s ministry research directly, you can click here to download the full results as an excel … Read more

How to become a children’s pastor?

Becoming a children’s pastor isn’t as easy as one might think. The work of a pastor is much different than the work of say a teacher or evangelist. A pastoral calling is often a lifetime calling and the individual must be consistent, committed and sometimes able to change locations. Assignments change when you’re a children’s … Read more

What Does a Children’s Ministry Do?

What does a children’s ministry do? If you are familiar with church culture you probably think you know the answer to this question. But do you? Can you give specifics? If someone that wasn’t familiar with your church or church culture asked you this question how would you answer them? When you think about it, … Read more

What Are the Duties of a Sunday School Teacher?

Hooray! You’re going to teach Sunday School! What an exciting job! I know that’s a lot of exclamation marks but I do love Sunday School. This weekly event is an amazing opportunity to reach children and to teach them about God’s word. Churches that offer this classic bible ministry provide teachers and students with that … Read more

Why is Sunday School important?

We hear from so many discouraged Sunday School teachers. The kids are rowdy, the resources are limited, or their church keeps loosing families. Even the best Sunday School lessons can fall flat on occasion. All this problems can weigh down the best teachers and even lead to burnout in ministry. Today, we want to give … Read more