101 Easter Resources & Ideas

Try something new for 2019 Resurrection Sunday. This page links to our best materials for teaching kids the Easter Story. Lessons, Crafts, Printables, Songs, and Games — all 100% free like God’s grace.


Misc Ideas

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Does the word “Easter” appear in the Bible? There is a little controversy about this. The King James Translation does include the word in Acts 12:4, while nearly all other translations stick with the Greek phrase to mean passover. I think this is a distraction. In the English language and most church traditions Easter has become the normal word to describe the Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

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  1. Hello…. I would like to have an EASTER plan….lessons that I can begin now that lead up to the “Great Resurrection” in Easter Sunday….I am finding that I need to teach in a sequence….they are missing out when I have a different lesson about different people and subjects in Gods Word… My CC ages are 6-12…. and they are hands on . Any ideas would be appreciated…(I have between 10-20 precious angels)
    Thank you


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