FREER Easter Bible Lesson for Kids (John 20:1-18) Jesus Has Risen!

Celebrate the joy of the Resurrection this Easter with a free Bible lesson for kids! Download our lesson based on John 20:1-15, which teaches about Jesus’ resurrection. We know that life includes sadness and evil, but Jesus conquered death and God has already won the victory! This lesson describes several elements with contrasts to exemplify how we can have extra hope even when things are tough.

Our lesson is designed for children from Kindergarten to 6th grade and is easy to prep with 21-pages of teaching material. You can choose from NIV, ESV, or KJV translations. The flexible teaching plan is perfect for mixed age groups and can be taught in Kids’ Church or Sunday School in just 45-60 minutes.

The lesson includes attention-keeping activities like an object lesson with a video demonstration and game suggestions. You can also teach children about Jesus’ resurrection through craft ideas with video demonstrations and a coloring page. A word find worksheet and memory verse poster are also included.

Don’t miss out on this free resource to teach children about the wonderful message of Easter and Jesus’ resurrection. Download our free Bible lesson today!

FREE Easter Sunday School Lesson for Children Age 6-12 Years Old

This Easter, share with your kids the joy of Jesus’ resurrection with our free Bible lesson based on John 20:1-15! But before we celebrate the victory of Easter, let’s also remember the darkness of Good Friday. This lesson will teach your children that even during tough times, we can find extra hope. Like how darkness makes the day brighter or cold days make summer warmer, the sorrow of Good Friday makes Easter even more incredible and exuberant! Jesus conquered death, and God has already won the victory!

Through this lesson, we’ll explore how Jesus’ message is a contrast to the punitive rules of the Law. Christ fulfilled the Law by bearing our sin and punishment on the cross, paying the price and redeeming us. What a blessing to know that everything we do, have done, and will do is covered by His blood!

Our lesson is designed for children in kindergarten through sixth grade and includes 21 pages of teaching material that can be adapted for mixed age groups. Along with the lesson plan, we provide attention-keeping activities, game suggestions, craft ideas with video demonstrations, a coloring page, a word find worksheet, and a memory verse poster.

All you need are some basic supplies like construction paper, paper plates, glue, markers or crayons, tape, scissors, cups, string, and Bibles. You can choose from the NIV, ESV, or KJV translations.

Make this Easter one to remember with our easy-to-follow and free Bible lesson! Download it instantly today. And for more free Bible illustrations, check out Christian Clip Arts and Ministry-To-Children’s Coloring Pages.

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