Children’s Bible Lesson (Romans 6:1-14) Transformed by Christ for New Life

Title: Transformed by Christ: A Journey from Sin to Salvation

Objective: To help children understand the concept of transformation in Christ, using everyday examples and the teachings from Romans 6:1-14.

Materials Needed:

  • Tortilla chips and a tortilla
  • A pickle and a cucumber
  • Pictures or models of a tadpole and a frog, a caterpillar and a butterfly

Romans 6:1-14 Bible Lesson for Kids

  1. Introduction (5 minutes): Begin the lesson by showing the children the tortilla chips and the tortilla. Ask them if they know what the chips were before they became chips. Explain that just like a tortilla can’t turn back into a soft tortilla after it’s been made into a chip, we can’t go back to our old ways after we’ve been transformed by Christ.
  2. Transformation in Nature (10 minutes): Show the children the pickle and the cucumber, the tadpole and the frog, and the caterpillar and the butterfly. Explain how each of these things goes through a transformation and becomes something new, just like we do when we accept Christ into our lives.
  3. Bible Reading (10 minutes): Read Romans 6:1-14 aloud to the children. Explain that just as Jesus died and came back to life, we die to our sins and rise again when we are baptized. We are no longer slaves to sin, but are free because of Jesus.
  4. Discussion (10 minutes): Ask the children what they think it means to be transformed by Christ. How does it feel to know that we are free from sin? How can we live our lives differently knowing that we have been transformed?
  5. Activity (10 minutes): Have the children draw a picture of something that goes through a transformation (like a caterpillar to a butterfly or a tadpole to a frog). On one side of the paper, they should draw the ‘before’ stage, and on the other side, the ‘after’ stage. Explain that this is like our transformation in Christ.
  6. Conclusion (5 minutes): Remind the children that even though we make mistakes and sin, we are not defined by these sins. We are defined by our identity in Jesus. We have been made new and given freedom through Him.
  7. Prayer (5 minutes): End the lesson with a prayer. Thank God for the new lives we have in Him, for the transformation He brings, and for the freedom from sin. Ask Him to help us remember that we are free from sins and that life with Him is the greatest thing we can have.

Take Home Activity: Encourage the children to share the drawings they made during the lesson with their families. Ask them to explain the concept of transformation in Christ using their drawings.

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