Kids Bible Lesson Genesis 22:1-14 Trusting God – The Story of Abraham and Isaac

Title: Trusting God: The Story of Abraham and Isaac

Objective: To help children understand the importance of putting God first in their lives and trusting Him, even when it’s difficult.

Age Group: 6-12 years old

Bible Passage: Genesis 22:1-14

Materials Needed: Bibles, a jar, rice, and rocks


Begin the lesson by showing the children the jar, rice, and rocks. Explain that you’re going to try to fit everything into the jar. First, fill the jar with rice and then try to add the rocks. The rocks won’t fit. Then, empty the jar and put the rocks in first, followed by the rice. This time, everything fits. Explain that this is like our lives. When we put God (the rocks) first, everything else (the rice) will fit into place.

Bible Story:

Read Genesis 22:1-14 aloud to the children. This is the story of how God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham was willing to do this because he trusted God and put Him first in his life. In the end, God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice instead of Isaac.


Ask the children why they think Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac. Guide them to understand that Abraham trusted God and knew that God would keep His promises. Discuss how sometimes God asks us to do hard things, but we can trust Him and put Him first, just like Abraham did.


Have the children draw a picture of the story of Abraham and Isaac. They can draw Abraham and Isaac, the mountain, the altar, and the ram. As they draw, remind them of the importance of trusting God and putting Him first.


Remind the children of the jar, rocks, and rice. Just like we had to put the rocks in the jar first for everything to fit, we need to put God first in our lives. Even when it’s hard or doesn’t make sense, we can trust God and know that He loves us and has a good plan for us.


Close in prayer, thanking God for His love for us and asking Him to help us trust Him and put Him first in our lives.

Encourage the children to think of one way they can put God first in their lives this week. It could be by praying before they do anything else in the morning, reading their Bible before they watch TV, or showing love to someone when it’s hard. Ask them to share their experiences at the next class.

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