The Story of Moses for Kids (Bible Lessons)

Story of Moses Bible Lessons for Children
This page is the main index for our series of Bible lessons based on the life of Moses. In total, there are five lessons in these series with a preschool and elementary version of each. Be sure to see all our free materials that teach the ten commandments for children.

Elementary Sunday School Lessons (or Kids Church)

  1. Baby Moses and the River: Elementary Kids Version
  2. Moses and the Desert (Elementary lesson)
  3. Moses and the Exodus (elementary kids lesson)
  4. Moses and the People of Israel lesson
  5. Ten Commandments Bible Lesson for Kids

Preschool Bible Lessons

  1. Baby Moses and the River (preschool version)
  2. Moses and the Desert (preschool version)
  3. Moses and the Exodus (preschool version)
  4. Moses and the People (preschool version)
  5. 10 Commandments Lesson (preschool version)

Supporting Materials

Recommended Links

Here are some other websites that offer free materials related to the story of Moses. You are encouraged to check them out and take the best ideas for your lessons.
Kids Sunday School Place is a membership site for Sunday School lessons, but they have posted the following as samples. Each has a very clear lesson outline and good suggested activities.

  • Moses as a Baby (God’s Protection)
  • God Speaks with Moses (God’s Holiness)
  • Pharaoh’s Last Chance (Fearing God)
  • Parting the Red Sea (God’s Power)
  • The Ten Commandments (Obedience)
  • Wandering in the Desert (Contentment)

Sam Luce has posted the following on his popular kidmin blog. Each lesson makes a strong connection to the New Testament and includes a small group discussion guide.

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  1. I’m looking for materials for 5 30-minutes lessons on Moses and the founding of the nation of Israel and the founding of America…. to use as the basis for vacation Bible school next year. Ages 4 through 6th grade


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