Chosen by God with a Purpose (Ephesians 1:3-14) Sunday School Lesson and Activities

What is my purpose? Young children might not worry too much about a grand plan or purpose for their lives, but it’s still meaningful to communicate to them that God loves them and has chosen them for something important. We might not know much about the future, but we can be confident that God promises us amazing blessings, and that He has a plan for us that was known long before we were even born!

Ephesians 1:3-14 offers both hope and direction for our life. Our salvation is not an accident but the choice of God. He has a plan and purpose for each of his children. Use the links below to download these free activities and lessons for your children’s ministry.

Download our Bible coloring page on the book of Ephesians.

Sunday School Crafts

We recognize the precious blessing that we are sons and daughters of God. He has chosen us and made us part of His family, which reminds us that we are heirs to His kingdom and deeply loved by Him! These are beautiful truths that children need to know and embrace. These crafts aim to help students recall who they are in Christ and know that they have a special purpose. An “up-cycled instrument” uses simple materials in a new way to show that all things have purpose. The “keys for life” are a reminder of how we are made to worship God and what it means to be His. And a “child of the king crown” reflects our status as His chosen children.

Object Lesson Message

Young students might not yet be wrestling with the question of life purpose, but every child seeks to be known and loved. Whether or not they have strong relationships with family, it’s important for kids to know that they are chosen by God and adopted into His family. This message reminds students that God has a special plan and purpose for them, and that He has always cared for them and will continue to do so.  The object lesson emphasizes how even basic things have tremendous potential and powerful purpose.

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  1. Just went over the print out of this lesson and I am very pleased with it. Look forward to viewing more and checking out your other curriculum.


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