Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter (Mark 5:21-43) Sunday School Lesson and Activities

Jesus has great power and all he requires of us is faith! That’s the powerful lesson where two amazing miracles are recorded. Jesus commends a woman’s faith who reached for him in the crowd. Then he raises a young girl back to life. Kids need to put their faith in this wonderful savior!

Use the printable lesson plans below in your children’s church or Sunday School. Each link below is direct to the print-friendly teaching materials.

Bible Story Video

Children’s Sermon Demonstration

Faith can be a challenging concept to understand, but it’s important to discuss with young children. Students should be taught that solid faith does not rely on our own strength, but on what we put our faith in—a God who is powerful and capable of anything. This message uses a simple “blind bag” illustration to point out how faith involves belief without sight. The story element features acts of healing that Jesus did, reminding us that He is capable of amazing things.

Sunday School Craft Ideas

What is faith? What does it mean to have faith and to trust in Jesus? This concept is the focus of the Gospel lesson on Mark 5, where Jesus heals a woman with a bleeding condition and a young girl who has died. These crafts celebrate that element of faith and healing. A “healing stick” reminds us that Jesus heals our hearts, even if physical relief is not immediate. A simple but fun puppet recounts the resurrection of Jairus’s daughter, who came back to life from death!

Matthew 9:23-26, Mark 5:35-43, Luke 8:49-56.

A Jewish leader named Jairus asked Jesus to heal his daughter, but on the way to his home, he got a news of her death. Jesus allowed only Peter, John, James and the girl’s parents to enter the house and took girl’s hand then she stood up again.

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  1. Thank you so much for this message. I am preparing a talk for this Sunday and I didn’t know how to present it. Thank you for your faithfulness. The object lesson about faith is great


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