Sunday School Lessons (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23) The Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower contains many essential truths kids need to learn. Use these Sunday School lessons and activities to help children understand what Jesus was teaching in Matthew 13:1-23.

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Parable of the Sower Lessons for Sunday School

Parable of the Sower Lesson (from Mission Bible Class)

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Crafts & Coloring Pages for the Parable of the Sower

parable of the sower coloring page for sunday school

Sunday School Craft Demonstration

The Parable of the Sower can be slightly challenging to look at when working with very young children, as far as metaphor explanation goes. However, it is a fun one when it comes to Bible crafts. As with many planting and growth analogies, there are plenty of engaging ways to make items that lend themselves to the story. Here are a few suggestions for crafts that relate to gardening and remind us to let God’s Word produce spiritual “blossoms” in our lives. 

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson

This children’s sermon is from the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13. You can use it to share a simple object lesson message in your church this coming Sunday. Print our teacher notes below and watch the video as you prepare.

Matthew 13:1-9 The Parable of the Sower

13 That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake. Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore. Then he told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Matthew 13:18-23 Jesus Explains the Parable of the Soils

18 “Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: 19 When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. 20 The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. 21 But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. 22 The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful. 23 But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

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