Psalm 51 Sunday School Craft Activities

Use these activities when teaching children about repentance and how Jesus can clean from the Inside Out! These craft ideas are for Psalm 51 but will work on any Bible lesson about repentance. Watch the craft demonstration below, gather your supplies, and share these hands-on learning activities with your Sunday School class or kids church. You … Read more

Craft Ideas: Psalm 139 Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139 is a beautiful and comforting reminder that we are carefully created by God, with intention and purpose and strong love. The Lord made the universe and all that is in it, and He has designed us and made us, too! God made us unique and dearly cared for, which is a wonderful truth … Read more

Bible Crafts: Healing of Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-14)

Use these Bible Craft Ideas in your children’s ministry or Sunday School to teach the Bible story of Naaman’s healing in 2 Kings 5. These activity crafts on the theme “Take a Bath! (Or Several)” will be a great learning activity for your kids church lesson. The story of the healing of Naaman’s leprosy is … Read more