Children’s Sermon: The Faith of the Canaanite Woman (Matthew 15:21-28)

Children's Sermon - Jesus and faith of the Canaanite Woman

Use this children’s message object lesson to teach kids about the Faith of the Canaanite Woman. This sermon for kids is based on Matthew 15:21-28. “Trust and Persist!” Children’s Sermon on the Faith of the Canaanite Woman Main Objective: The story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman can seem odd, as it appears that He … Read more

Craft Ideas: Jesus and the Canaanite Woman

Crafts on the Canaanite woman

Use these Bible craft ideas in your Sunday School class for teaching about when Jesus met the Canaanite Woman in Matthew 15: (10-20), 21-28. On the outset, Jesus ignoring a woman and then nearly calling her a “dog” does not seem like a terrific story for kids! However, the story of the Canaanite woman has … Read more

Faith and Assurance: Lessons from a Canaanite Woman

Faith of the Gentile Woman

 We see in God’s word that the Lord rewards faith. Sometimes we don’t quite understand what this means, but persistence is important. Not only that, but often there are elements of life that we don’t at first comprehend, but God makes clear.  This lesson looks at Jesus and His interaction with a woman who did … Read more