Kids Ministry Ideas with an Olympic Theme

Using themes for kids’ ministry excites kids, teachers and volunteers. An Olympic theme is an especially good theme because it is a topic of excellence and endurance. Use an Olympic theme over an entire quarter or just a few classes in your kids’ ministry. Teach kids about what God thinks about sportsmanship, working as a team and the importance of reaching spiritual goals.

Olympic Decorations

Build a small riser for the ‘winners’ to stand on each week. Decorate a room in red, white and blue bunting. Hang flat red, white and blue sheets on clothesline or fishing line at the back of the room. Buy five Hula Hoops and spray paint them gold. Glue them together to make the Olympic logo. Hang the rings up together on your backdrop or on the wall. Use red, white and blue streamers as bright blasts of colors around your room. Display a table of trophies and awards for kids to look at. These could be trophies teachers and volunteers have earned. Visit a party supply store to buy some small plastic trophies to give to kids. Alternatively, you could hand out plastic ‘gold, silver and bronze’ medallions to competitors.

Olympic Games

At the beginning of the quarter, hang up five poster boards side by side on the wall. At the top of each board list an Olympic Game, you will be holding during the event. Some examples would be “Bible Scroll Races” or “Bean Bag Discus”. Include games that are not sports related like “Bible Verse Race” or “Strength Training with the Spirit”. Offer kids many fun, wacky races in celebration of the theme spirit.

Olympic Lessons

Teach kids short lessons supported by object lessons. Breaking up the lessons with games and music will keep even the most active children interested in the program. Dress as a runner or a coach complete with whistle and ball cap. Use a clipboard to hold your lesson plan. Do a roll call at the beginning of each day in kids’ ministry. Give kids a run down of the ‘game plan’ and begin to teach. Paul’s passage in Hebrews 12 is the perfect scripture to teach children. Use the child’s story about the Turtle of the Hare to stress the importance of patiently plodding along in God’s race to the finish. Alternatively, you could teach a lesson about 1 Timothy chapter 6,“We must fight, the good fight!” Have workers demonstrate a mock boxing match. Show a fighter not protecting his face and ignoring his opponent. Then show the fighter protecting himself and beginning to work on the offense.

Share Your Ideas

If you are planning to use an Olympic Theme in your children’s ministry or Sunday School, we would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below to share your ideas.

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