Veggie Tales St Patrick Video

Veggie Tales St. Patrick’s Day Video: Bringing Joy to the Whole Family

Veggie Tales is a classic family favorite and this St. Patrick’s Day video proves it is as popular as ever! The whole family will have fun watching this unique and joyful video, which celebrates the Irish holiday in a way that only Veggie Tales can do.

The video opens up with a traditional Irish jig and follows up with Larry the Cucumber telling us about the history of the holiday and why people celebrate it. We learn how St. Patrick drove out all of the snakes in Ireland and how even today, people wear green on this day so they’re not pinched by leprechauns!

The rest of the video features some beloved Veggie Tales characters singing songs about love, luck, and friendship in true Veggie Tales style. At times, silly jokes are thrown into the mix to keep kids laughing while they learn important lessons about life.

At its core, this short video is an uplifting story; one that teaches us to appreciate our friends and family no matter where we come from or what color clothes we’re wearing. It also looks at life through a different lens than most other Veggie Tale stories by highlighting cultural diversity in a positive way.

So if you’re looking for something fun for your family to watch this St. Patrick’s Day, give this special edition of Veggie Tales a try! It’ll bring joy to your whole household guaranteed.


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