Bible Craft Ideas from Luke 1:39-55 – Elizabeth and Mary Praise God

Praise God! Craft Ideas for Elizabeth, Mary, and the Magnificat    How do we express praise? There are a lot of ways to show enthusiasm: we can jump for joy, sing and dance, giggle with glee, and more! The story of Mary’s visitation to Elizabeth reminds us that there are many methods of glorifying God, and … Read more

Elizabeth and Mary Praise God: Children’s Sermon from Luke 1:39-55

How do we praise the Lord? Sometimes, we forget the meaning or importance of glorifying God. We think of songs or prayers, but true praise can occur in a variety of ways, and should come from a place of genuine enthusiasm and gratitude. As Christians, our natural reaction to salvation should be to rejoice with … Read more

Authentic Christianity: Sunday School Lesson from Luke 3:7-18

“They shall now we are Christians by our love”… It’s one thing to attend church and call ourselves Christians. Truly following Christ, though, means living as He did and demonstrating to others what it means to honor and serve God. John the Baptist (and Jesus!) emphasized that genuine Christians live out their faith in action … Read more

Prepared for Jesus Coming? Bible Craft Ideas from Luke 3:1-6

As the Advent season progresses, we look to the example of John the Baptist, who prepared the hearts and minds of people and proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. John called people to repent and turn from their sins. He pointed to and announced Christ. In the same way, we should tell others about Jesus, … Read more