Bible Crafts: Palm Sunday (Mark 11:1-11; John 12:12-16; Matthew 21:1-11; Luke 19:28-40)

Palm Sunday celebrates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, just a few days before His betrayal and execution. On Palm Sunday, people celebrated Him and cheered, calling for salvation. Jesus brought salvation, of course, but not quite as they had anticipated. These crafts recall the events of Palm Sunday and various aspects of the … Read more

Holy Week Children’s Message – Jesus from Palm Sunday to the Last Supper

Holy Week Object Lesson

This Children’s Sermon will teach kids about Jesus on Palm Sunday and the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. It’s based on Matthew 21:1-11; John 13:1-17 . The Bible object lesson teaches about that JESUS is the true king, even if he acted humble. Download the teachers notes, watch our Children’s Message example, and gather your supplies. … Read more

Palm Sunday: Jesus Triumphal Entry Craft Ideas

Last Supper Cup Craft

Use these crafts when teaching kids about Jesus Triumphant entry on Palm Sunday. They work with any lesson plan for Sunday School the week before Easter. Download the project directions, watch our how-to instructions video, and then gather your craft supplies. Triumphal Entry Craft Ideas A Different Approach: Donkeys, Palms, Dirty Feet, and a Cross … Read more

Palm Sunday (Luke 19:28-40) Lesson for Kids

As we prepare for Holy Week and receive palm branches for church services, it’s easy to go through the motions and casually discuss the donkey and the palm parade, without thoroughly contemplating what it all means. This lesson reminds students of the significance behind the Triumphal Entry, and celebrates Christ’s work in our lives. Lesson … Read more

God is Majestic (Matthew 21:1-11) Lesson #22 in What is God Like?

AGE GROUP: elementary (ages 6-11)TIME REQUIRED: 45 minutes This is lesson 22 of 42 in our study on the Attributes of God called “Can you tell me what God is like?” Visit the series index to view all the lessons and get more ideas for using this curriculum in your children’s ministry. LESSON 22: GOD IS … Read more

Palm Sunday for Kids – Story Video, Lessons, Crafts, Coloring Pages

Jesus’ Triumphant entry was an amazing moment in Bible history. Download the kids version of the Palm Sunday story below in video format. Scroll down of lessons, crafts, and printables. This is another wonderful free video from Crossroads KidsClub. Be sure to checkout their page on Vimeo. Lessons on Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Lesson Preschool … Read more

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry (John 12:12-50) Sunday School Lesson

Jesus on Palm Sunday Coloring Page

Title: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry Scripture: John 12:12-50 Target Age Group: 3rd-5th grade Main Point: Jesus is our Savior King Supplies: Marker board, markers, 2 blindfolds Lesson Opening: Hangman Play a round of hangman on the marker board using the main point for today’s lesson “Jesus is our Savior King.” Once the kids guess the phrase … Read more