Children’s Bible Broadcast

Children's Bible Broadcast

This resource was shared by Jacob Balakitsis, the Student Pastor at NorthSide Baptist Church in Nolanville, Tx. The Children’s Bible Broadcast is a series designed to teach boys and girls Bible truths while having fun! Sing Bible songs, memorize scripture, watch amazing science experiments, hear missionary stories, and listen to Bible lessons, all from one … Read more

Collective Worship Videos: The Bible Tales

This is a guest post from the Bible Tales, check out their YouTube channel if you are looking for some more creative Bible storytelling for children. Another excellent online kids church option. Here at The B Tales we aim to bring the Bible to life for children and young people through theatre. We tour churches … Read more

“Tales from the Miracle Book” New Dramatic Bible Storytelling Video Series (Free Resource)

Tales from the Miracle Book

This is a guest post from Mike & Rebecca Peacock, who create Tales from the Miracle Book. Hubby and I were wondering how to take what we have been doing for 20 years in Primary Schools and churches to impact more people. Rather than needing to be in the location of a school or church, … Read more

Free Animated Bible Stories Podcast for Families from RoKit

Animated Bible Story Podcast for Families

This is a guest post from RoKit Phones about their free Bible Video Podcast for Families. All over the world many young Christians and their families are adjusting their church and Sunday school routines due to the Coronavirus. The inability to attend services in large groups has really affected the way that families practice. Parents … Read more

Fishnet Bible Stories for Kids: Video based readers that rhyme

Fishnet Bible stories

Kids will love these free illustrated Bible stories. Each is accompanied by read aloud YouTube videos. They are beautiful, colorful, succinct, and all of them are told in rhyme. The team at Fishnet has completed a series on the books of 1 & 2 Samuel and are currently working through Genesis. About FishNet Bible Stories … Read more