Review🔥 Sunday School Planet Digital Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Sunday School Planet is a new curriculum for children’s ministry. We are excited to share it with you. Churches can subscribe to an annual subscription and get digital access for object lesson videos, onscreen games, and Bible teaching material. This blog post is the first impression. To learn more and to download free samples, visit their … Read more

Covid-Safe Easter Egg Hunt: It’s Easter Egg-stravaganza from Go Curriculum

Last year, our friends at Go Curriculum created an easy-to-use family Easter Egg hunt. It was a wonderful way to help churches continue their ministry during the pandemic. It was a wild success and hundreds of congregations and thousands of families enjoyed the program. This year it’s back and freshly updated to help you share … Read more

Video Led “Family Christmas Experience” from Go Curriculum

Christmas Family Experience

With the ongoing health concerns of Covid-19, many churches will skip their annual Christmas programs for children. That leaves a big gap in the ministry calendar since many congregations plan their pageants for months during the Advent season. The church Christmas play is a time when families come together (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more) to … Read more

More Faith Less Fear (4-Week Curriculum) for Kids’ Sunday School

More Faith Less Fear Curriculum for Kids

Every October, kids are under attack from creepy, scary, and satanic imagery. That’s why we created this new 4-Week Curriculum titled “MORE FAITH / LESS FEAR.” Now you can offer solid BIBLE answers to fears and help kids trust Jesus more during in this crazy season. This material is available for instant download from The Sunday … Read more

Children’s Bible Stories Translated (French, Spanish, Mandarin, and More)

Children's Bible Stories in Spanish French Mandarin Translations

We’re big fans of Crossroads Kids club and their excellent Bible story videos. Now they offer this same excellent Bible teaching in several translations. This is an amazing free resource for doing ministry in non-English. I.E. Spanish, French, Mandarin, and more. Crossroads Kids’ Club Translations is their YouTube channel that hosts these videos. Currently you … Read more

Christian T-Shirts

Christian T-Shirts for Kids

You’re going to love our original scripture themed t-shirts. Children can share their Christian faith by wearing this cute apparel. Each has a short Bible verse or Christian theme. We hope you love our Christian T-shirts. View all our christian apparel and shirt products. Christian Shirts for Children BE KIND (Ephesians 4:32) Shirt for Kids … Read more

How can the Children’s Ministry respond to the sin of racism?

anti-racism resources for kids ministry

Prejudice and racial reconciliation are complex topics – but teaching the simple truths of God’s Word will help raise a new generation that can do better, even while we await the final healing to come when Christ returns. We must continue to be the church by making disciples for the transformation of the world. But … Read more

Racial Reconciliation for Kids: Children’s Bible Study “The Gospel in Color”

Racial reconciliation for kids

Our hearts break for the never-ending trauma of racial & ethnic injustice in this world. Jesus commands love for our fellow humankind. His people must never stop speaking up and showing by example how to heal from the hurts of history – through the power of the Gospel to change hearts. That’s why I’m excited … Read more