Craft Ideas for Jesus and John the Baptist (Matthew 11:2-11) Proof of God’s Promises

How do we know that something is true? Verifying predictions and promises takes observing the results of events. When we look at the life of Jesus, we see God’s covenant fulfilled and the hope of blessings past and present. When Christ was on Earth, He offered proof of who He was in the things that … Read more

Shoots and Stumps… Bible Craft Ideas for Isaiah 11 Jesus is the Righteous Branch

Ancient prophecy is not always a common topic of Sunday School lessons, but prophets can offer a fantastic way of looking at the power and plan of God. They show us that God is faithful to His word, and point us to the undeniable truth of the Gospel. There are some wonderful elements of hope … Read more

Craft Activities: Mary & Martha from Luke 10:38-42

How do we slow down and put Christ first in all things? What does it mean to take time out for God? Children might not have the same concepts as adults when it comes to schedule struggles, but it’s never too early to communicate the importance of making specific time for the Lord. These crafts … Read more