Shoots and Stumps… Bible Craft Ideas for Isaiah 11 Jesus is the Righteous Branch

Ancient prophecy is not always a common topic of Sunday School lessons, but prophets can offer a fantastic way of looking at the power and plan of God. They show us that God is faithful to His word, and point us to the undeniable truth of the Gospel. There are some wonderful elements of hope … Read more

Lords Prayer Craft Activities from Luke 11:1-13

Use these Sunday School Crafts & Activities for teaching the Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:1-13. How do we get what we need from God? Do we have to act a certain way or pay a certain price? The simple and beautiful truth is that the Lord provides all that we need, and we only have … Read more

Craft Activities: The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

The story of the Good Samaritan reminds us of the importance of loving ALL of God’s people, not just those close to us or the ones we get along with well. It isn’t always easy, but when we care for others, we demonstrate the love of Christ. The Good Samaritan also reminds us how much … Read more

“The Trinity” Craft Activities for Kids on John 16:12-15 God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Use these craft ideas for hands-on fun while learning about the Trinity in your children’s ministry, Sunday School, or kids church lesson. Download the printable craft directions below, watch the video directions, and gather your craft supplies as you prepare to teach. The Trinity is a challenging concept for children (or even adults!) to understand, … Read more

Bible Craft Activities on the Tower of Babel and Pentecost from Genesis 11:1-9; Acts 2:1-21  

Use these Sunday School craft activities when teaching about the Tower of Babel and Pentecost in your Children’s ministry or kids church. These hands-on project ideas will inspire creative learning time as children learn about these Bible stories. Watch the craft demonstration below and download the printable craft directions below. Then gather you project supplies … Read more

Heaven Craft Ideas

Use these Children’s Ministry craft activities on the New Heaven and New Earth described in Revelation 21:1-7. They are a perfect addition to any Sunday School or Kids Bible lesson on the topic of heaven. Life is full of challenges, but as Christians we have the blessing of knowing that something wonderful awaits us after … Read more

Crafts: Jesus Restores Peter John 21:1-19 Sunday School Craft Activities

Third Time’s a Charm…the Second Time. Craft Ideas for Peter’s Reinstatement. Use these simple craft activities in your Sunday School class or children’s ministry when teaching about Jesus restoring Peter in John 21. It is a blessing that God grants us grace and gives us second chances (and sometimes third and fourth and fifth chances!). … Read more

Doubting Thomas Sunday School Craft Activities

Fear Not … Peace Out: Sunday School Crafts on Jesus Appearance to His Disciples and Doubting Thomas in John 20:19-31. Craft Ideas for Trusting in Christ’s Promises We celebrate the hope and joy of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus, but the story doesn’t end with the empty tomb, and neither does our peace! Jesus … Read more

Bible Craft Ideas on the Temptation of Christ in the Desert from Luke 4:1-13

Nothing Defeats Scripture!  Craft Ideas for The Temptation of Christ. There will always be times in our lives when we might want to do what we shouldn’t, but God equips us with what we need to stand strong. When we know we have Jesus on our side, anything is possible! He has faced temptation and … Read more