God’s Word is Sweeter Than Honey… Children’s Sermon Object Lesson on Psalm 119

Lesson Objective: How can words be delicious? What does it mean that God’s law is sweet? This message focuses on the memorable passage of Psalm 119, which celebrates meditating on God’s Words and using the Bible as primary guide. Start kids off with a conversation about favorite candies, and use sweet treats to introduce the … Read more

Just a Mustard Seed! (Luke 17:5-10; Luke 13:18-19) Children’s Sermon Object Lesson on Faith

Use this free children’s Bible object lesson to teach about the power of faith. It’s ideal for kids church or Sunday School. If you need more, download our complete Parable of the Mustard Seed Bible lesson for kids. Main Objective: What is faith, and how do we strengthen it? Jesus was asked how much faith is … Read more