Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Matthew 2:13-23) The Escape to Egypt

Listen to the Lord… Children’s Message on Following God’s Direction Lesson Objective: This message explores a somewhat challenging story, but covers an important life truth in the process. The slaughter of children ordered by Herod was an awful episode in the history of Israel, but God rescued Jesus and His family, sending an angel to … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson Luke 2:1-20 The Birth of Jesus Christ

The Star of the Nativity Scene… Children’s Message on the Christmas Story Lesson Objective: Who’s the star of the show? This is a question that might come up frequently in our lives. When it comes to the holidays, we easily let things distract us and take over our attention, neglecting the whole focus of Christmas. … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson: Angels Announce the Birth of Jesus in Matthew 1:18-25

Unexpected Blessings. Children’s Message on Angels and God’s Plans   Lesson Objective: What are angels, and what do they have to do with us? This message reviews how God sent angels to announce the birth of Christ. When Mary and Joseph (and the shepherds) encountered these holy messengers, they were surprised, but trusted what they … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Matthew 11:2-11) Proof and Promises

Children’s Message on Jesus and John the Baptist Main Objective: How do we know that something is true? How can we be certain of our faith or verify things we hear? In the world of scientific predictions or human promises, we want to see evidence that things come true. If we look at our faith, … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Isaiah 11:1-10) Jesus is the Righteous Branch

Lesson Objective: This message takes a look at ancient prophecy, and how we can take hope from the words of God’s appointed messengers from long ago.  When we see how God’s promises have been fulfilled, it should bring us joy and excitement, knowing that He continues to be faithful to us. Reading the words of … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Matthew 24:36-44) Waiting for Christ

It’s a Surprise!  Children’s Message on Waiting for Christmas and Christ Lesson Objective: Advent is a time of hopeful waiting. Children are waiting for the excitement of Christmas, but we also want to point them to the anticipation of Jesus. We consider how He came as a baby, and how He promises to return someday … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Psalm 46) Be Still

Psalm 46 is one of the most comforting and encouraging passages we have in scripture. It is a reminder that God is a strong fortress and source of strength, no matter what we might face in life. This psalm also bids us still the mayhem and madness in our souls and focus on resting in … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Isaiah 65) The New Heaven and New Earth

The Bible gives us many beautiful images when it comes to the hope of the Resurrection. Many of these words were originally offered in times that were very dark and challenging for God’s people. Throughout history, we have been able to cling to the knowledge that there will come a day when our earthly trouble … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson on Hope in the Resurrection 2 Thessalonians 2

Main Objective: What can we truly count on? There are a lot of things in life that can be confusing, and children will receive many mixed messages about what and who to believe. Are fairytales and legends true? What about scary things like ghosts? What can we trust and believe? This message reminds children of … Read more

Children’s Sermon Object Lesson on Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10

Lesson Objective: Where does change come from, and why is it important? The story of Zacchaeus is significant, and not just for the fun song and tree-climbing crafts. This encounter reminds us that Jesus has power to transform our lives.  He changes our hearts! Use lemonade (sour and sweet) as an object lesson to illustrate … Read more