Children’s Sermon Object Lesson: Angels Announce the Birth of Jesus in Matthew 1:18-25

Unexpected Blessings. Children’s Message on Angels and God’s Plans   Lesson Objective: What are angels, and what do they have to do with us? This message reviews how God sent angels to announce the birth of Christ. When Mary and Joseph (and the shepherds) encountered these holy messengers, they were surprised, but trusted what they … Read more

Matthew 1:18-25 Sunday School Lesson & Activities (Angles Appear to Joseph)

This week’s Gospel reading (Sunday December 22, 2019) is from Matthew 1 verses 18-25. In this classic Christmas passage, an angel appears to Joseph explaining the miraculous pregnancy of his soon to be wife, Mary. These Sunday School Lessons and learning activities will help you explain the meaning of this scripture. Sunday School Lessons (Matthew 1:18-25) … Read more