“All People Matter to God” Bible Lesson on Made in the Image of God

Made in God's Image Bible Lesson

All people matter to God – this is an important truth for kids to know. Use this lesson to teach about the value of all people because they are made in the image of God. This teaching plan is ideal for children’s church, Sunday school, or home Bible study. “God’s Masterpieces: Made in His Image” … Read more

“Unity in Christ” Bible Lesson for Kids to Promote Racial Reconciliation

Racial unity in Christ Bible lesson for kids

Use this simple Bible lesson to teach kids about the real unity that exists in Jesus Christ and how loving others is the key to ending racism. Download the teaching notes below. We’ve included crafts, game ideas, and other printable coloring pages to help you prepare and teach this important truth from God’s Word. As … Read more

Children’s Sermon: Loving People Who Look Different

Whats on the Inside? Children's Ministry Object Lesson

Use this object lesson to share a message with children about loving others who look different. This sermon is can be used with various Bible passages to teach against prejudice and explain how God loves all his children. Print the message notes below, watch our example video, and gather your supplies. “What’s on the inside?”Children’s … Read more

“Unity in Christ” Craft Ideas for Racial Reconciliation

crafts on racial unity in Christ

Use these crafts when teaching kids about God’s love for all people. They work with any anit-racism Bible study or lesson about how the Gospel can bring peace to all people. Download the craft directions, watch our how-to instructions video, and then gather your craft supplies. It is all too unfortunate, but discrimination and prejudice … Read more

How can the Children’s Ministry respond to the sin of racism?

anti-racism resources for kids ministry

Prejudice and racial reconciliation are complex topics – but teaching the simple truths of God’s Word will help raise a new generation that can do better, even while we await the final healing to come when Christ returns. We must continue to be the church by making disciples for the transformation of the world. But … Read more

3 Anti-Racism Sunday School Lessons for Kids

anti racism bible lessons for kids

Are you searching for a way to teach your children about empathy, culture, race, and prejudice? Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin? We can help. Deep Blue Life: Faith and Culture—Anti-Racism includes three sessions teaching about “Prejudice and Stereotypes,” “Curiosity and Empathy,” and “Colors and Cultures.” Download the free 3 lesson … Read more

Racial Reconciliation for Kids: Children’s Bible Study “The Gospel in Color”

Racial reconciliation for kids

Our hearts break for the never-ending trauma of racial & ethnic injustice in this world. Jesus commands love for our fellow humankind. His people must never stop speaking up and showing by example how to heal from the hurts of history – through the power of the Gospel to change hearts. That’s why I’m excited … Read more

“U is for Unity” Coloring Page

unity coloring page

Our readers picked the theme Unity in Christ for the letter U. This choice surprised me a little but it really is a beautiful truth that we need to teach the next generation. Regardless of outside factors, all believers have a spiritual unity in Christ. To download, simply click on the preview image to the right for … Read more