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Are you looking for materials for your children’s Sunday School? Then you’ll love all the free resources we have posting and linked on our website. Here is a collection of our most popular resources to get you started.

New Materials for Sunday School

    • The Christmas season is a time of excitement and anticipation, especially for children. Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, is an important time for Christians to reflect on the meaning of the holiday and prepare their hearts for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. For elementary students, this can be a time of wonder […]
    • Dem Bones… Craft Ideas for Ezekiel’s Vision   Surprise! Dead things can come back to life! That’s the theme of these crafts, based on the odd vision that the prophet Ezekiel had. Ezekiel saw dry bones come back to life, reassuring him that God had plans for His people, and that new and better things would […]
    • Jesus Heals a Blind Man The Lord acts in mysterious and often unexpected ways. We seldom have things happen how we might imagine or even hope they will, but fortunately God’s plans are greater than ours! This lesson discusses how important it is to trust in Jesus for all things, even if we have a […]
    • Jesus is our food and water! Just as we need physical elements to keep our bodies alive, we need God and His word to maintain our spiritual health. These crafts remind students of how important that is. A “Bread of Life Collage” compares food to spiritual hunger and satisfaction. A “Cup Overflowing” recounts the living […]
    • Never Thirst Again! Children’s Message on the Woman at the Well (John 4) Lesson Objective: What do we need to live? The answers might seem fairly simple, but what does it mean to be spiritually alive? For children, it can be challenging to understand some of the metaphors Jesus used in His earthly ministry, and […]

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    Teaching Materials for Sunday School

    One of the most popular sections of this website is our free Sunday School lessons for children. On this page you’ll find hundreds of free lesson plans perfect for teaching in your church. A similar resource is our Bible lessons for kids. These are usually a little shorter and work well in kids church. Of course, you can use them in any ministry context. If you’re teaching younger children be sure to browse our preschool materials.

    Learning Activities for Sunday School

    Most teachers like to have activities to go along with their lessons. So, we’re building a free resource bank of Sunday School activities. This includes crafts, games, and coloring pages. One super popular resource is object lessons. Don’t miss our suggestions for Bible trivia questions.

    Printable Guides for Teachers

    Teaching a great lesson takes more than printable materials. You need to develop the skills and attitudes to share God’s Word with children. Over time we’ve written several guides to make teaching Sunday School easier. These include tips for Bible storytelling, help for motivating kids, and strategies to get kids excited about the Bible.

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      My wife and I spend a portion of our winters in Mexico and part of that time is spent doing missions work in remote rural communities. Last year we found that there were very few Sunday school material for the kids. We looked into purchasing some while we were down there, but they were hard to find and what we could find was quite expensive. I’m wondering if you have any materials available in Spanish, or might be able to direct us to someone who does.

    2. We started our school at church last year and we have 70 children from 4 to 15 of age, but we don’t have enough funds to buy materials for our children so can anyone help.

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