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Curriculum for sunday School

Strong Curriculum is a brand new Sunday School curriculum from RBP. They are happy to introduce this exciting new STRONG KIDS material.

To enter this giveaway — just leave a comment on this post saying how your church could benefit fro this material. We’ll randomly select a winner next week!


When you choose the Strong Curriculum, you are choosing a Sunday School curriculum with all of God’s Word and the life application that comes with it. Watch the video below to learn more or get a free trial on their website

Regular Baptist Press firmly believes God’s Word is living and powerful and more effective than any idea or philosophy man could ever dream up. The Bible is Spirit empowered, so it cannot fail to strengthen kids who interact with its truths. Believing this, we purposefully built Strong Kids on Bible bedrock. We know the curriculum’s solid Biblical foundation will make it transformational. Coming up with a comprehensive plan to teach the Bible systematically and completely is not easy. We did the heavy lifting to build the plan so you can use it to focus on communicating God’s Word and strengthening the kids under your care. The Strong Kids comprehensive curriculum plan means you can share God’s Word with confidence.

We built the Strong Kids scope and sequence on the seven teaching aims Jesus had during His earthly ministry. Identifying Jesus’ aims helps you teach the Bible with purpose and clear goals in sight. Every lesson in the Strong Kids scope and sequence addresses at least one of Jesus’ teaching aims.

Whole-Bible Emphasis

Each Strong Kids age group has a special emphasis that contributes to the overall purpose of spiritually strengthening kids. Why? First, there are far too many crucial lessons in the Bible to have all five children’s age groups covering the same Bible passage on the same Sunday. Too many of those important lessons would be left untaught. Second, the age groups’ needs are too varied to force them to cover the exact same scope and sequence every curriculum cycle.

Smooth Transitions

Strong Kids for pre-primary, primary, middler, and junior age groups all track along a similar chronological path through the Bible. By design, all four age groups end year 1 with Judges and year 2 with Revelation. This provides continuity as the students move from one age group to the next, and gives them four opportunities to work through the Bible over an eight-year span.

Growth you can measure.

How do you know if Strong Kids curriculum is working? You measure your students against the Bible’s standard for spiritual maturity. Strong Kids provides measuring tools that point out your kids’ areas of strengths and weaknesses. The curriculum also gives supplemental ideas for reinforcing the seven teaching aims so you can strengthen areas of weakness. The measuring tools make spirituality practical. They describe what it looks likes to live out Christ’s seven aims. The measuring tools provide a natural connection between the classroom and the home. Parents understand the changes and growth they should be seeing and encouraging in their children’s lives.

Results that last forever.

Heaven is an important emphasis in Strong Kids curriculum. The pre-primary through junior age groups learn how the decisions they make today will affect them for eternity. The curriculum directs them to live in light of eternity by living for God rather than for themselves. It gives their lives meaning now so they might count for something in eternity. In eternity, all believers will want nothing more than to glorify God. How kids live now will determine their capacity to glorify God forever in Heaven.

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  1. would love to receive this!! we have a small sunday church/sunday school and enjoy your website for lessons, it would be great to be “STRONG” in the Lord together for our kids

  2. My church is located in Ibadan, Nigeria. There is barely any budget for the children’s ministry and as the director, I am constantly looking for funds to make our dreams for the kids a reality. Those of us in that section of the church usually donate money to meet our needs. I have always used your resources and they have ministered to the kids in diverse ways. We would really appreciate getting this resource for free.

  3. Thank you for this chance to win! We are a small church with limited resources so I rely mainly on your ministry resources to teach my Sunday School. I find it to be the best I ever used as it always goes straight to the heart of children. My focus is always teaching Gods word and helping these precious children see Jesus in every lesson.

  4. New to learn about all of this but would love some curriculum to start teaching my 4 sweet children! Thanks for your ministry.

  5. I am excited with this new curriculum to try with kids ministry in the Church. This is great material for learning. Thanks

  6. I am the Team Leader for the K-5th classes at my church. We are a small-ish church that has almost as many kids as adults but not a huge budget! We would love to try a new curriculum!

  7. I am grateful to have come across Ministry-to-children information on line, our church has been struggling to effectively minister to children due to lack of teaching materials and other useful resources, some children come to our church but later on go finding another church with better Sunday school teaching materials. I strongly believe your free offer will give us a good foundation to teach and impact children’s lives and they will never match out of church again.

  8. I strongly believe your free offer will give us a good foundation to teach and impact children’s lives and they will never match out of church again.

  9. I am new to religious education and am looking for material for my class. It would be great to incorporate your material in my Sunday class and give you feedback.

  10. This is an amazing curriculum. I would love to win it and review it on my blog! I have s 3 year old, 5 year old, and a 10 year old. I usually make it work for all.

  11. I believe the materials will help in the spiritual support that the children need to be responsible, face life’s challenges and also strengthen them for they are the tomorrow’s church/leaders, Sunday school teachers.


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