Sweeter Than Honey! Bible Craft Ideas for Psalm 119

God’s Word is sweeter than honey! The Bible guards and guides our lives, and when we let it fill us, it’s much more satisfying than the tastiest of sugar—and doesn’t give cavities! These crafts celebrate the verses of Psalm 119, reminding us that we should meditate on God’s law and love as a sweet source … Read more

Just a Mustard Seed!  Craft Ideas for Faith and Trust

 “With the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains!” Taken out of context, this always seems like rather an odd statement. For one thing, how can mountains be moved? And for another thing, what does faith have to do with plant seeds? Jesus wants us to know that our faith is not about … Read more

True Contentment Bible Crafts from 1 Timothy 6

 “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” These are wise words from Paul, but what do they mean? What is contentment, anyway? The Bible reminds us that the love of money is the root of evil, but we are to pursue higher things and be content with the blessings He provides.  These crafts focus on the … Read more

Pray for All People!  Bible Craft Ideas for 1 Timothy 2   

This passage from 1 Timothy is a  wonderful reminder for us of the importance of praying. We should constantly communicate with God, not just begging for our own needs but giving Him thanks and praise. We should also make intercession for others around us, even (and especially) those who might not be as easy to … Read more

Psalm 51 Sunday School Craft Activities

Use these activities when teaching children about repentance and how Jesus can clean from the Inside Out! These craft ideas are for Psalm 51 but will work on any Bible lesson about repentance. Watch the craft demonstration below, gather your supplies, and share these hands-on learning activities with your Sunday School class or kids church. You … Read more

Craft Ideas: Psalm 139 Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139 is a beautiful and comforting reminder that we are carefully created by God, with intention and purpose and strong love. The Lord made the universe and all that is in it, and He has designed us and made us, too! God made us unique and dearly cared for, which is a wonderful truth … Read more

Craft Activities Luke 14:7-14 Parable of the Banquet Seats

Enjoy these free Sunday School crafts on the Parable of the Banquet Seats. You can find a related children’s sermon lesson or download the complete Sunday School Lesson on Luke 14:7-11. Pride comes before destruction…we know this proverb well, but still sometimes think more highly of ourselves than we ought, seeking the best for our … Read more

Sunday School Crafts (Luke 13:10-17) Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

Enjoy these free craft Ideas for the Healing of the Crippled Woman. You can also download our complete 20-page Sunday School lesson on Luke 13:10-17 from the Sunday School Store. Jesus spent His ministry changing the established rules and sometimes defying authority…this is good news for us, because He changed the rules that held us … Read more

Clothed in Christ: Bible Craft Activities from Colossians 3:1-14

New Outfits! Craft Ideas for “Putting on Christ” On our own, we tend towards selfish and sinful behavior, which ultimately leads to sorrow and destruction. In Jesus, though, we have the opportunity to trade our sins for joy, and gain a new and better life! These crafts remind children that we can “clothe with Christ” … Read more

Lords Prayer Craft Activities from Luke 11:1-13

Use these Sunday School Crafts & Activities for teaching the Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:1-13. How do we get what we need from God? Do we have to act a certain way or pay a certain price? The simple and beautiful truth is that the Lord provides all that we need, and we only have … Read more