Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Matthew 11:2-11) Proof and Promises

Children’s Message on Jesus and John the Baptist Main Objective: How do we know that something is true? How can we be certain of our faith or verify things we hear? In the world of scientific predictions or human promises, we want to see evidence that things come true. If we look at our faith, … Read more

The Parable of the Good Samaritan: Children’s Sermon & Object Lesson (Luke 10:25-37

Use this children’s sermon object lesson in your kids church when sharing about the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus’ gives us this powerful moral lesson in a story that children and adults can quickly understand. God wants us to love our neighbors and do good to everyone who needs our help! So gather your … Read more

Bible Object Lessons for Kids: Fun and Engaging Ways to Teach Bible Stories

Do you want to teach your kids Bible stories in a fun and engaging way? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss several Bible object lessons that will help capture your child’s attention. These object lessons are a great way to introduce kids to the Bible, and they can be used … Read more

Children’s Sermon Lesson (Acts 16:9-15) Paul and Lydia

Spread the Good News! Children’s Sermon Lesson on the Bible Story of Paul and Lydia in Acts 16:9-15 Use this free sermon for kids to share the story of Paul’s calling to Macedonia and how he shared the good news of Jesus Christ with a woman named Lydia. Download the PDF teaching notes below, gather … Read more

Overcoming Temptation: Children’s Sermon Object Lesson on the Temptation of Christ in the Desert from Luke 4:1-13

Children’s Ministry Message on the Temptation of Jesus.  How can we withstand the temptation to sin? What do we turn to when faced with Satan’s lies? The Bible is our greatest tool and weapon against temptation. On our own, we may fall, but with the help of Christ, we can stand up to evil forces. … Read more